Student-Athlete of the Week

December 3, 2012

Athlete of the Week

McCade Ford

Your hometown of Payson, Utah, holds the world-renowned Salmon Festival every August and the Payson Onion Days every Labor Day weekend. What did you enjoy most about growing up in Payson?

In high school, our football team helped out with the Salmon Festival every year for a fundraiser so I was always a part of that growing up. As far as growing up in Payson, I was very privileged to grow up in a great community along with being close to all my family. Payson is surrounded by mountains and lakes, so I enjoyed spending time outdoors hunting and fishing growing up.

What's it like to have your younger brother Cole on the team?

It is always nice to be closer to family and having my little brother on the team is a great experience that I will remember forever. We are very close and have been our whole lives.

How did your time at Northwest College help prepare you for Wyoming?

My time there helped me prepare for Wyoming in both academics and athletics. I was able to learn study habits and better my athletic skills to help make the transition much easier.

As a senior, how are you helping the younger guys on the team?

I have always tried to show the younger guys the ropes and be an example on and off the wrestling mats. We have a great group of young guys which makes it easy to do that.

What do you like most about the sport of wrestling?

I have always loved competition and pushing myself to be better. Wrestling always finds a way to push you as an athlete and has taught me life lessons that I know I will use and look back on for the rest of my life.

What do you consider your greatest strength in the sport?

Ever since arriving at Wyoming under coach Branch and his staff I have tried to improve my technique. That is one thing that has made me a much better wrestler.

Do you have a favorite memory of growing up wrestling with Cole?

We have been in a countless number of wrestling matches in our house back home that still continue to this day. We are both very competitive and it usually is over some type of game that we will get into fights over that lead to wrestling matches in the house. We have broken walls, lamps and couches over this that I'm sure my mom would love to talk to you about.

How have Coach Branch and his assistants helped you develop your talents in the sport?

Coach Branch and his staff have helped me in a million different ways in regard to wrestling and improving as an athlete. When looking back over the years in everything coach Branch has taught me, I will forever be in debt to him for teaching me life lessons in regard to the sport of wrestling. He finds a way to push me in the sport that will help me be a better and stronger person for the rest of my life.