Cheer Team Info

Laramie, Wyo. -

The primary purpose of The University of Wyoming Cheer Teams is to support the UW Athletic Department and all Cowboy and Cowgirl Athletic Teams. Cheerleaders can be seen at all home football games, men's and women's basketball games, volleyball games, wrestling meets, and various other athletic contests. In addition to this support, the cheerleaders serve as public relations ambassadors for the University of Wyoming and are often seen as the face of UW Athletics. As public relations ambassadors, the Cheerleaders make numerous appearances at University activities and community events. The University of Wyoming cheer team involves both co-ed and all girl athletes.

Members of the Cheer Teams are chosen through a tryout and recruiting process. For more information regarding recruiting, please visit the Become a Part of UW Spirit Page.

•Accepted to the University of Wyoming
•Full year commitment from April to April (see Time Commitment below)
•Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
•Enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours at UW during both fall and spring semesters
•Maintain a given level of physical fitness as prescribed by the Head Coach and /or the Athletic Department (Cheerleading requires great strength, endurance, flexibility and body awareness. UW Athletics promotes a healthy lifestyle and appropriate body weight that is essential for all athletic activities, including cheerleading.)
•Must be able to attend all scheduled practices (class schedules must be worked around practice schedules)
•Once you make the team, you must have a physical, medical history questionnaire and medical insurance form on file with the UW Sports Medicine Office before you can participate in practices or events.
•Represent yourself, your team, and UW in a positive light
•Attend all classes and ask for help if needed

The UW Cheer Teams practice 3-4 times per week, depending on the season. The practice times and days may vary each semester depending on scheduling, facility availability and athletic events.

The UW Cheer Teams will attend a National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) collegiate summer camp each summer. The location and dates of the camp may vary from year to year. The UW Cheer Teams are now a competitive cheerleading program competing at least twice a year.

Uniforms, practice clothes, shoes, pom pons, megaphones, warm ups, and any other required equipment or gear is provided through the UW Athletic Department at no cost to cheerleaders.

Acceptance of a position on a UW Cheer Team implies a commitment to attend all practices and meetings, athletic events and games, university events, community appearances, fundraisers, and other functions deemed necessary by the Head Coach or the Athletic Department. Following is a brief description of hours required of UW Cheerleaders.•Summer Camp & Practice (mid-June to mid-August)
•Various appearances during summer (note required, but it's always good to attend if you can)
•Pre-Season Practice & Team Meetings (1-2 weeks before school starts)
•School Year Weekly Required Hours (varies from 9 - 25 hours)
•8 hours of practice per week (3-4 days, 2 hours each day)
•3 hours of Strength & Conditioning (3 days, 1 hour each day)
•1 hour of tumbling per week (minimum)
•4-8 hours of study hall in the Office of Academic Support
•Varied hours of athletic events & games (This will include games over holiday breaks. Teams will rotate holiday commitments so that one team will not be required to attend events during each holiday/school break, but everyone will be expected to cheer at games during at least 1 holiday break.)
•Varied hours of university & community appearances
•Varied hours of fundraisers

Cheerleaders register for classes during the student-athlete early registration window and are expected to schedule their classes around practice times.

Members of the Cheer Team have the opportunity to travel to away football games, Bowl games & post-season basketball tournaments. The number for the travel team is limited to a maximum of 12 cheerleaders that are chosen from either team at the discretion of the Head Coach.