Mission Statement

Aug. 10, 2015

The University of Wyoming Sports Performance staff recognizes each UW student-athlete will spend a large amount of their undergraduate experience training and preparing for their sport. We will enrich their experience with our expertise and abilities.

The mission of our strength, speed, and conditioning program is to foster a positive, safe, challenging, and properly equipped training environment. Our approach allows coaches and athletes to work together towards developing an athlete's full physical and mental potential. The focal points of our training programs will be: functional strength training, sport specific speed and agility development, sport specific conditioning and work capacity, flexibility and proper dietary practices.

Our program utilizes sport specific, scientifically grounded training methods in a year-round training cycle. Sports Performance coaches will also interact and collaborate with UW sport coaches, sports medicine, equipment, and sport nutrition staffs. This will facilitate the individuals as well as a team's ability to be competitive in conference, regional, and national competitions.