Wyoming Sports Performance mission is to provide competitive student-athletes the means to train consistently, sensibly and systematically over designated periods of time in a safe, clean and professional environment in order to improve athletic performance, build confidence and prevent injury. Aided by a high altitude training environment, we promote consistent athletic gains in the weight room and on the field of play using a sports specific performance model in a year-round training cycle. Our Sports Performance Coaches work closely with Sports Medicine, Equipment, Sports Nutrition to create an optimal training and recovery environment for each student-athlete.

Primary Objectives

  1. Enhanced Athletic Performance
    Consistent and measureable increases in: strength, speed, power, agility, mobility and body composition are sought in a year-round training program. These improvements in athleticism are the foundation for continued development of sport-specific skills.
  2. Injury Reduction
    We strive to bulletproof our student-athletes by creating balanced, total body training programs that include proper nutrition and hydration. The use of TENDO, Catapult, Omega wave, DEXA body composition and sleep software ensure training and recovery occur within the desired parameters. Implementation of dynamic flexibility, joint mobility and soft tissue recovery methods are also a priority.
  3. Motivation through Education
    We will enhance our student-athletes athletic ability through education and consistent practice of desired lifestyle choices. Ultimately, we increase athletic performance by teaching our student-athletes how to train, recover and eat properly. By cultivating a standard of accountability, focus and discipline in all aspects of training, will positively affect athletic performance.
  4. Proper Fueling
    The Sports Nutrition department employs a three step process to educate student-athletes on using nutrition optimally to enhance performance on and off the field of play. Step 1 is designed to decrease recovery time along boosting the immune system. Step 2 foods ensures a full gas tank during training and competition. Step 3 foods add in repair and rebuild muscle damaged from exercise. All Steps can be completed in the High Altitude Fueling Center located in the RAC weight room.