Athlete of the Week Archive

Jan. 4, 2006


Dominique Sisk

How old were you when you started playing competitive basketball?
"In the third grade I played for a small boys and girls team, but really it was at North Middle School in Colorado Springs during the sixth grade. Go Vikings!"

How did you end up at UW?
"It was close to home and my mom really wanted me to stay close, and because of Coach Joe. He's a good coach and is easy going, which I liked. When I saw him with the rest of the girls, they seemed at ease and really paid attention to him. He knows basketball in and out, and I look up to him."

How's the transition from Colorado Springs to Laramie been?
"The people here are really nice, but it's been hard because there's just not as much to do here as I'm used to in a bigger city. Since really all I do here is play basketball and go to school, that does help me focus on getting done what I need to."

What would you say is your role on this Cowgirl team?
"My role is to bring the ball up the floor, set really good screens and to get the team hype. I come off of the bench, which is okay with me, because it gives me the opportunity to make my teammates better. I also need to be agressive and at the same time take care of the ball, give direction at points and get defensive stops. Defense is probably my primary role. I take the offense when it comes to me, and if I have the opportunity to shoot then I will."

Which team is the biggest rival for this Cowgirl team?
"Every time we play Utah we get hype! We have been so close to beating them. Last year we went to double overtime with them and lost at home. Of course CSU is a big rival, but every year we really want to get Utah. That's coach's old team and we've got to get them."

Where is the toughest place to play?
"The Pit! Their fans are loud and they get to you. It's very unusual for us to play in front of a crowd that big, but we need to focus on not letting that get to us."

The team travels a lot. Do you like to travel?
"I'm pretty much used to traveling, so it doesn't bother me at all. In high school I was on the road a lot during the summer, going to various states and tournaments. It's not a big transition for me and I actually kind of like it."