Athlete of the Week Archive

Jan. 22, 2007


Qwest Wyoming Home

Elisabeth Dissen

How did you get your start in basketball?
"I started in second grade when I began going to basketball camps and then I played team ball from then on."

Was there anybody in your family that got you started in the sport?
"My grandma did play when she was in high school, but she was pretty much the only one. I have a sister, but she's a downhill skier, which is totally opposite than me."

What other sports did you play while growing up?
"In high school I also played volleyball and I ran track."

Tell us about your major here at UW?
"I am a molecular biology major. My dad is a scientist and ever since I was a little kid, I said that I was going to be a scientist like him, and I still want to, so."

What is your favorite class right now?
"My favorite class right now is global ecology. It's pretty cool and I really enjoy it. It talks about the history of how things are and how plant and animal life, basically all life, comes together"

What is your role on the team and what's expected of you when you step onto the floor?
"My job is to be down low and play really good defense against the opposing `bigs', as well as get lots of rebounds. When I get the ball on the inside, my job is to go strong and finish and score when I can."

What goes on down there underneath the basket? Is it physical?
"It is definitely physical. It's really strong and it's a battle down there. We do a lot of weight lifting in order to prepare for it because there are a lot of strong girls, especially in the Mountain West, so it's definitely a battle."

Why is Cowgirl basketball different from other schools?
"I definitely think our team is different because we all get along so well and we have great team chemistry. It really makes a big difference on the floor because we all understand each other and know when someone is going to be in a particular spot and we know how everyone plays. Off the court, we hang out all the time and I really think that helps a lot."

What is your best memory so far?
"Probably my favorite memory was being in the NIT and being here at home with really great crowds because they were just really fun games."

If you could play one other sport besides basketball here at UW, what would it be?
"It would probably have to be volleyball, but I would be sad not to be playing basketball."

What is your favorite place to eat?
"I would have to say `P.F. Chang's'"

If you could go see any one concert, who would you go see?
"This is kind of dorky, but I really love Whitney Houston and I would love to go see her."