Athlete of the Week Archive

March 3, 2006


Michelle Taylor

How old were you when you started playing competitive basketball?
"Probably eighth grade. I wasn't very big into sports, but I was very hyper and I needed to take all that energy and put it to use."

Growing up, was basketball always your primary sport?
"I would say that basketball and track were equally important to me. I was a high jumper."

Did you always want to play basketball after high school?
"Yeah, I knew I always wanted to play at the next level."

How did you end up at UW?
"I wasn't planning on attending Wyoming at first. I was going to go to Santa Clara University and walk-on because I had an academic scholarship there, but then Coach Fisher (former UW women's basketball head coach) called randomly and offered me a full-ride scholarship to come to Wyoming so I went on my visit the first day of school and ended up coming here and it's been fun ever since."

How's the transition from California to Laramie been?
"Well when I came on my visit it was actually nice and sunny, so I came from California with tank-tops and shorts. I felt like I almost died my freshman year from altitude sickness because I went straight to hard conditioning. I couldn't breath and I got sick like three weeks into school and was on an IV. I had a rough time. I did have my first white Christmas here and that was fun."

Where is the toughest place to play?
"New Mexico in the Pit. You're like a mile high down (under ground) and you are literally in a pit. There's like 12,000 fans and you can't hear. My freshman year our coach held up signs to tell us what plays to run. That's by far the toughest place to play. They haven't lost there in like five years (34 straight MWC games) so that tells you something."

What's your major?
"My major is elementary education with a minor in Spanish and an area of concentration in cultural diversity."

What are your plans after college?
"I might stay in Wyoming for three years and get a teaching credential and be a diverse presence for the children in Wyoming."

What has been the highlight of your career as a member of the Cowboy Basketball team?
"This whole year in general; being a senior, being a captain and being a leader. Just enjoying my team and getting along with my team and bonding with them. This year we play more as a team and are like a family. We have team dinners at different houses and everybody comes and if we need anything we can always talk to each other. That's my highlight in general because I remember crying about it freshman year when we didn't bond and I remember saying that my senior year it would be different. I think that the tradition of bonding and having a family setting is going to be carried on into the future."

There's kind of been a buzz around town and around campus with the Cowgirl's recent success. What's it been like for you after knocking off two top 25 opponents?
"I think it feels great. I think our whole conference is actually really good and I think that we just proved ourselves to people who didn't know anything about Wyoming. We proved that were just as good as anyone in our conference."