Athlete of the Week Archive

Nov. 30, 2009


Jade Kennedy

In your wildest dreams while growing up, did you ever think you would end up in the United States at the University of Wyoming?
"No way!!! I would have never thought I would ever live in the United States!!!"

Who was the most recent member of your family to visit Laramie? What did you take them to do?
"My sister Brooke. We went to Denver and Fort Collins a bit."

Have you enjoyed traveling the USA as a member of the Cowgirl Basketball team?
"Yes, it is great to travel with the team. We have so much fun together and get along so well. It's also awesome to see the different places in America and to say "I've been there". I'm getting to see so many different things!!!"

What has been your favorite city to visit?
"Probably San Diego because coach took us to the coast and I love beaches. The beaches and the weather remind me a lot of home!!!!"

What are your impressions of the American holiday Thanksgiving?
"I think the holiday is awesome. You get nearly a week off just to eat!!! I wish Australia had something like that!!!!"

Tell us about a unique Australian holiday.
"We have Australia Day which is a little bit like 4th of July for Americans."

What do you hope to do in the future with a family and consumer science degree, with an emphasis in professional childhood development?
"I love little children and I would love to continue studying them because I find them so interesting and we adults can learn so much off them. Pre-school teaching back home would be my goal."

Who is the team clown? Team mother figure?
"We have many, but I would say Chaundra. And the team mother figure is Randi. You can go to her for anything!!!"

What would happen if Coach Legerski ever lost his voice? Mass chaos?
"Coach G would step right up."

If you have $20 (give or take) to spend at the grocery store, what are the basic food staples you would buy for yourself?
"Cereal, Broccoli, tea."

Other than a school book, what is the last book you read?

What is your favorite reality TV show?
"I don't really like reality TV shows but my roommate Hill does and I have gotten into Tough Love!!!"

Have you been able to experience any of the Western lifestyle (ranching, small towns, friendly people, etc...) since you've lived in Wyoming?
"Definitely the small towns and friendly people. The people here are so nice and it's a really good atmosphere."

Are there any other competitions (besides basketball) between Cowgirl teammates that take place? Who wins?
"Right now we are having a Christmas decoration competition, and whoever loses has to cook the team dinner."