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Anna Knight

Since graduating from the University of Wyoming in May of 1994, Anna has been working on her medical doctorate. She worked two years at Abbott Laboratories in Chicago, Illinois and then proceeded to attend medical school in Iowa. Anna is currently working as a physician and completing her fellowship in cardiovascular medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She is currently pursuing a fellowship in interventional cardiology.

Anna's hometown while playing at Wyoming was Kenosha, Wisconsin. She is one of nine children (Four boys and five girls, which she is the oldest girl.)

When asked what affect did playing basketball at Wyoming have on your life,

"I developed wonderful, life long friendships. Basketball helped me to become a very independent and strong person in every aspect of my life, especially professionally."

"I have many memories but mostly I remember being with my friends and enjoying the time we all spent together on and off the court."

If you would like to contact Anna Knight, her e-mail address is: aknight@mcw.edu