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Dec. 6, 2010


Athlete of the Week

Bec Campigli

Why do you wear #10?
"No particular reason. My favorite number is 6 but as I was unable to get it, I decided number 10 was a good second option because it was my dad's favorite number back in the day."

How did you end up being recruited by Wyoming?
"Coach Kristin Becker scouted me at one of the national tournaments that are conducted in Australia every year, whereby the top-10 players from your state are chosen to compete against the other states."

Before coming to Wyoming to play basketball, how many times have you visited the states?
"Twice--once on a tour with my team and the other time was when I came on my recruiting trip."

Has your family come to visit you in Laramie? If so, did you get to enjoy the sights of Laramie?
"Yeah, my family came to visit last year for Christmas and really enjoyed it. My mum and aunty also just recently visited. They really enjoyed the sights and atmosphere, although they found it weird seeing snow and being so cold especially in December when it is usually summer back home."

When you have time to enjoy reading, what is the next book you want to read for fun?
"I manly stick to watching television. The only books that I read are ones for school and they aren't always that enjoyable."

What, if any, pre-game rituals do you have?
"None that are interesting really. I always walk down to the court with Hillary Carlson for shoot around though."

Who on the team has the most interesting pre-game rituals?
"Randi and Kristen, they play an intense game of 'HORSE', during our pregame shoot around."

What would Wyoming fans be surprised to know about you?
"That I have a twin sister that doesn't play any sport and loves music/art."

What would Wyoming fans be surprised to know about the Cowgirl basketball team?
"That our locker room is normally pretty messy."

Who is your favorite professional basketball player (male or female)?
"Penny Taylor"

What is the first stat on the box score that you look at after every game?

Every player seems to have a routine prior to shooting a free throw. What is yours?
"A couple of bounces and just concentrating on my technique."

How do you and your teammates celebrate the holidays when you are on the road?
"We do our own Kris Kringle which everyone gets pretty into, and at the end of it we have a Christmas cookie party where we try and guess who had who."

When was the last time you were in your hometown of Melbourne, Australia?
"During this last summer break."

With all the conference changes, how do you feel about the departures of Utah, BYU, and now TCU from the MWC?
"I don't really think about it to be honest. They are all excellent schools but I'm more concerned about this season and who we are playing from week to week."

What impact will the addition of Boise State have on women's basketball in the MWC?
"They will definitely add a different aspect to the MWC. From what I saw last year they are a very versatile team and like to push the ball. I don't think there is any doubt they will be successful. It will therefore make the competition stronger and just as competitive as it is with the likes of Utah and BYU."

What does Coach Legerski talk to you about in the locker room during half time?
"Depends on how we are playing. Generally he focuses on us, reiterates the game plan and how we can achieve our goals from that game."

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you since being a Cowgirl Basketball player?
"Just seeing the amount of fans we have and how supportive they are towards all of the girls."

What are you most looking forward to this season?
"Conference play. I think that we are very diverse and have the potential to do extremely well in conference this year."