Athlete of the Week Archive

Dec. 8, 2008


Kristen Scheffler

How do you describe Lovell, Wyo. to people who have never been there?
"A little town with not much to do. We don't even have a Walmart or McDonalds, but I love my hometown."

If you played a game of `Knock-Out' with your three siblings, who would win?
"Tim...I don't think he ever misses."

In this year's media guide it says your greatest fear is grasshoppers!?!? Please explain...
"Haha. They gross me out! I think they know I don't like them because they always fly at my head! Eew, they're just gross."

Who was your basketball idol whole you were growing up?
"My two older siblings Shelli and Tim. I wanted to be just like them."

You have very good shooting did you develop your shot?
"My dad. Since I was little we would go to the gym or out in the driveway and we would work on my shot."

Does having two three-point lines on the court (one men's and one women's) ever confuse you when you get ready to shoot?
"Nope, not at all."

What is one thing you enjoy doing in your free time other than basketball (IE: a hobby, etc...)?
"I love the outdoors. Camping with family, etc...., and I like to draw."

If you had to go watch a professional sport other than basketball, what would you go see?
"Probably football, even though I don't always understand."

Every player seems to have a routine prior to shooting a free throw. What is yours?
"I just dribble twice, take a deep breath (to focus) and shoot...mine is boring."

What is the last concert you attended?
"Hills Alive (tons of christian bands went to Spearfish, S.D. - my little brother and older sister went this last summer)

What is your favorite food off of the BBQ grill?

Do the upperclassmen ever make you carry their bags into the hotel since you are a freshman? Make you sing karaoke?
"Haha, neither. I don't think they could ever make me sing karaoke!"