Cowgirls Lose Third Straight Against Rams

Feb. 10, 2001


*Wyoming at Colorado State - Colorado State - Box Score

The Wyoming Cowgirl BasketballTeam lost their third straight conference game with a 69-49 loss to theColorado State Rams, on Saturday afternoon in Ft. Collins.

The first half was quite sloppy for both teams, as neither one couldget into a real offensive mode and turned the ball over several times.The Rams would be the first to take a significant lead with a 11-6margin with 14 minutes to go. With seven straight points from seniorforward Jessica Gibbs, it would allow the Cowgirls back into an 11 tie.But, Colorado State would close out the second part of the half on a20-9 scoring run and take their largest lead of nine, 31-22, intohalftime. Jessica Gibbs was the leading scorer for the Cowgirls,finishing with seven.

The Cowgirls struggled to maintain any consistent offensive output, asthe Rams really poured it on, in the second half. They would manage toscore only five points in the first eight minutes of the half, whileColorado State would score 16 to take a 47-27 lead. The game would beout of the Cowgirls' reach after that, and they would fall, 69-69 in theloss.

Colorado State was led by sophomore Ashley Augspurger, who finished thegame with 15 points and three rebounds. The Rams were 23-55 (.418) fromthe field and a hot 10-21 (.476) from beyond the arc.

Wyoming was led on the afternoon by Ann McColl, who finished with ateam high 12 points and eight rebounds. Senior Jessica Gibbs tallied ateam high nine rebounds along with ten points. Unfortunately, the basketwas unkind to the Cowgirls. As they shot 15-52 (.288) from the field andonly 2-13 (.154) from three.

"I was really disappointed in the way we defended the three-pointshot," said head coach Cindy Fisher. "That was something we knew we hadto work on to stop this team, and we did a poor job today. For whateverreason, they have too many threats, and we didn't show up today."

"I don't know if depth can be blamed as a factor in every game weplay," she added. "When you play Utah to eight points, New Mexico andUNLV close, who are really good basketball teams, I think we could ofshowed up a little bit better than that. But, it's obvious that depth isa serious problem, and Colorado State did a good job of making our pointguards work hard. It's tough right now, because we can't press, get upand do some things, which in turn makes it hard to break a press."

"I think some good things did happen for us. For Brenda Pickup, as afreshman, to go against that pressure and really break it herself, for30 minutes shows a lot of character on her part. Overall, we just didn'tcome out with the focus we had last week."

The Cowgirls now drop to 9-12 overall and 1-7 in conference play. Theywill host Brigham Young and Utah at home next week.