What They're Saying About Hanna Zavecz

Check out the recent story in Sports Illustrated on Hanna, HERE!

Wisconsin head coach Lisa Stone: "Hanna is an outstanding player and has been the key to Wyoming's success. She can drive, shoot the three, post-up and is one of the toughest match-ups we have faced. She is in constant motion and has endurance to play the whole game."

San Diego State head coach Beth Burns: "I have great respect for her (Hanna Zavecz) and her toughness, which sets the tone for their team. Her sheer presence and toughness makes everyone around her better and everyone else feeds off of it. "You see certain ones that are special, that are just winners and she is one of them. When we go over their stuff, for her, I just put - tough, winner, scorer."

Wyoming head coach Joe Legerski: "Hanna has the unique ability to make the players around her better. She can change the game on both ends of the court."