UW Holds Annual Basketball Media Day

Oct. 20, 2010


2010 UW Basketball Media Day - Photo Gallery

The University of Wyoming Athletics Department held their annual Basketball Media Day on Wednesday in the Arena Auditorium.

Wyoming Athletics Director Tom Burman, Cowboy head coach Heath Schroyer and Cowgirl head coach Joe Legerski addressed the media following a lunch, and then UW players and coaches were available for interviews and photos.

Below are a selection of quotes from the event:

Joe Legerski-

  • "We have a very challenging, aggressive schedule ahead for our team to compete in; it is ambitious to say the least."
  • "Being picked fifth in the media poll is a very fair selection to us."
  • "It's going to be an exciting year, I am anxious to get it started."

    Heath Schroyer-

  • "It's an exciting time for us and I really like this group."
  • "I think our post play is better now than it has been and I think Djibril Thiam and Adam Waddell are going to make a very big impact in our post."

    Hillary Carlson-

  • "It feels like just yesterday that I was here as a freshman and now I'm a senior."
  • "Since I was a freshman my game has changed because I am more aggressive than I was."
  • "When I was in high school I kind of just hung around the basket but now my confidence is much better and I'm taking more shots." (On the development of her outside shot)
  • "We have a lot of experience under our belt with four seniors."
  • "I think everyone is on track here and we are meshing really well together as a team."
  • "It's exciting to have a challenging schedule; we're hoping to better on the road this year.

    Randi Richardson-

  • "We want to be a senior class the helps the team do something memorable."
  • "I have huge confidence in my team, I've never played with a better post player than Hillary and Aubrey is one of the most competitive players I have ever played with."

    Aubrey Vandiver-

  • "I would definitely like to finish this year going to the post season because I think we are better than a fifth place team."
  • "I hope we bring a lot of energy and excitement this year."
  • "The Mountain West Conference has gotten to the point where it is good every year and we have a lot of competition, but we also have a lot of good players coming back."
  • "Even though our schedule is tough, it is not impossible and I think it makes it even more exciting."
  • "I think for us it is all about winning right now."
  • "I think fifth place is a reasonable place; it's not where you want to be picked but we will take that and use is now and during conference."
  • "Coach Legerski taught me to say positive and don't be so hard on myself; he instilled a lot of confidence in me since I was a freshman."

    Djibril Thiam-

  • "Last year most of the guys were young and you have to get used to playing at the college level; now they understand it's all about winning so I think our experience this year feels different."
  • "Right now were working on our defensive transition and were going to get a lot better defensively."
  • "I think the coaches know what they are doing and what we need, so our schedule this year will prepare us for conference."

    Adam Waddell-

  • "This year the growth that Desmar has displayed is great."
  • "Our strength this year is the ability to pick things up; we have a better basketball IQ."
  • "The first couple of practices we've had have been some of the best practices we've had since I was a freshman here."
  • "Being picked eighth is going to be motivation for us and a lot of people haven't seen how we have grown and developed."