Student-Athlete of the Week

November 5, 2012

Athlete of the Week

Chaundra Sewell

The 2012-13 season is underway. What is your personal outlook of this year's team and schedule?

This year's team has loads of talent. I'm very excited about our schedule because we get to play some teams that we lost close ones to last year. I think that with the year of experience that this year's sophomores now have, we can make up for those losses.

Where do you fall in line with your brothers Justin and Geoffrey? Did they teach you the game of basketball growing up or did you show them? What is your favorite sports memory growing up with two brothers?

I am the youngest child. I like to think that I taught them, but it is definitely the other way around. I grew up watching them play and my game has become a mix of the two. I play with the same intensity as Justin, but I can jump and rebound like Geoff.

My favorite sports memory with them was going to the rec center in Broomfield every Sunday and playing 21 then going out for food afterwards. I was more into it for the food, but the basketball part grew on me. :)

Studying pharmacy and microbiology, is your focus on pharmacy or are you leaning toward medical school?

My focus is on pharmacy school right now. I just started this fall and will graduate in 2016.

You have earned a number of all-conference selections in your three years at UW. How are you looking to lead this team your senior year?

It's hard to say how I will lead the team because it's so early in the season right now. But I intend to do whatever it takes for this team to be successful this season.

When telling people about your hometown of Broomfield, Colo., what are you most excited to tell them?

Usually I mention shopping Flatiron Crossing Mall or Orchard Town Center.

Do you prefer scoring points on offense or shutting down your opponent on defense?

I prefer defense. It's impossible to describe the feeling of blocking your opponent's shot.

What is your favorite Coach Legerski drill?

I like his full-court shooting drill. It can be frustrating at times because we have to make 120 points in three minutes. But when the team gets on a roll it's really exciting.

What is your pre-game routine to get mentally prepared?

I mainly just try to relax and not let nerves get the best of me. You can usually find me laying around in the locker room or training room until just before we have to be on the court. I also listen to "Run Til I Finish" by Smokie Norful before coach gives us our pre-game speech and I say a quick prayer during the national anthem.

Your time is limited as a student-athlete, but what do you enjoy doing when you do have a free moment?

I love to just hang out at home and watch movies and spend time with friends. I'm a major homebody.

Is there a story behind No. 33?

I wore 34 throughout middle school. Number 34 wasn't available when I started my freshman year of high school so I opted for 33 and I've stuck with it ever since.

Where would you like to visit someday?

I have always wanted to go to Germany and visit some of the old concentration camps. It seems like it would be a life-changing experience.