Athlete of the Week Archive

March 24, 2006


Mikala Henzlik

How long have you been golfing competitively?
"I started playing competitively when I was in about the sixth grade. I started playing in little junior tournaments. I got into more of the national tournaments when I got to high school. My family has always been really into golf."

Your father (Dean Henzlik) played for the Cowboy golf team form 1972-76. Did that play a role in you deciding to become a Cowgirl golfer?
"Not really. It didn't have anything to do with it. I saw the school and really like it and I probably would have come here even if I wouldn't have played golf. It just happened to be that there was an opportunity for me to play golf and it's worked out great."

Do you have any other hobbies other than golf?
"I really love to ski. I also love things that involve fitness like running."

What's it like dealing with the Wyoming weather and not always being able to practice outdoors?
"It's definitely a challenge. We practice indoors all winter long. Hitting off mats and into a net you never know where the balls are going. You have to be really creative and challenge yourself and I think that really does help because golf is so mental. I think it really helps on the mental side."

What part of your game does that affect the most (not being able to practice outdoors)?
"The short game is the toughest thing to get back. For me it was chipping because you're not on a green and you can't practice the touch part of the game. Practicing indoors is good for just getting a feel for the ball."

What are you goals for the rest of the spring season?
"Well we have one more tournament for the regular season and the conference tournament. Conference is definitely going to be a new experience for me. I've not been exposed to anything even close to that. I just want to go and play my best and try and be competitive with the girls out there. There's going to be a lot of good players and I hope to learn a lot from watching them.

What's your major and your plans after college?
"I'm a pharmacy major. Right now I am doing the pre-pharmacy stuff in three years instead of two so I'm kind of stretching it out a little bit to make it easier on myself. When I am done I would like to pursue something in pharmacy."