Athlete of the Week Archive

April 18, 2008


Sarah Fogerty

You played a lot of junior golf in many different places before coming to has college golf compared to those events?
"I love meeting new people, and gaining friends all over the United States. Junior golf was fun, but the competitive feeling and adrenaline you get from college golf is so much more fun. The time commitment you give to your team is so worth it and I couldn't imagine the college experience without golf."

Have you ever had a hole-in-one?
"Fortunately in my 13 years of golf, I have had six holes-in-one, and every one has been as exciting as the last."

If you could play one round of golf with anyone, who would you pick?
"I'd love to play with Phil Mickelson. He's my favorite golfer and I just admire his golf swing."

What type of clubs and balls to you use?
"I use Callaway X-20 irons, Titleist 905 driver and Callaway woods. Titleist Pro-V 1 X golf ball."

Which club in your bag is your favorite to hit?
"My eight-iron."

Which course that you've played since coming to UW has been your favorite?
"Hangman Valley, in Spokane, Wash. It was a great set-up and very fun to play, plus I played really well there this past year."

You have played nearly every possible round since coming to UW...did you expect to get to play this much so early in your collegiate career?
"Yes, I came into UW very confident, and was eager for competition."

What is the worst thing an opponent has done to try and distract you on the golf course?
"When I was in junior golf, there was a girl who always played mind games with everyone, hoping it would hurt our mental game. She tended to tell you, "I hope you don't slice it OB (out of bounds), because OB comes in to play up there on the right" Things like that."

What has been your favorite class since attending UW?
"I loved Beginning Acting, because I could really be myself."

Do you still want to pursue a career as a journalist?
"As a broadcast journalist, yes. Preferably a golf commentator."

What are your plans for this summer?
"I have an internship with San Diego Junior Golf Association, where I will be organizing and running junior golf tournaments for children ages 6 - 14."

What is the last concert that you've attended?
"I have never been to a concert."

What toppings do you get on your pizza?
"Pepperoni, olives, bell peppers, and mushrooms.... and lots of cheese."