Student-Athlete of the Week

April 1, 2013

Athlete of the Week

Stacey Blunt

You've got the Cowgirl Classic this weekend in Chandler, Ariz., a tournament you have done well at in the past. What is your outlook for the event this year?

I'm hitting the ball well and looking forward to taking advantage of the scoring opportunities that are out there. I feel very confident in how my team and I will perform there this year; we are definitely ready.

Being a two-time Academic All-MW recipient, school is important to you. What are your career plans in business administration after you earn a degree from UW in 2014?

I recently changed my degree to Finance, but I don't know exactly what I want to do. I'm strongly considering law school but I would also be very interested in a career in investing or financial analysis. As of now, I'm trying to keep my options as open as I can.

What is your favorite golf course you have played on? Which course would you like to play someday?

I'm not sure I have just one favorite course, but I really enjoyed the course we played in Hawaii my freshman year. It was right on the ocean so it was a pretty fun couple rounds of golf. I also really enjoyed the Babe golf course at the Folino Invitational; it was a challenging course that rewarded good shots. Someday I really want to play the Edgewood Golf Course at Lake Tahoe - it has a lot of big pines and is right on the lake. They have a big celebrity tournament there every year.

How are Coach Stender and Coach Readdy helping you develop your game?

Coach Readdy is helping me develop ways to effectively learn from both good and bad shots during a round and how to properly manage my focus during a long day of competition. Coach Stender is helping me keep my mechanics sharp and develop and manage effective game plans for tournament preparation on the course as well as off it with my mental approach.

What have you enjoyed so far about your time in Laramie? Where is the first place you like to go when you're back home in Federal Way, Wash.?
I enjoy all the great friends I have here, and also the sun because that doesn't come out much in Seattle this time of year. The first place I like to go when I go home is the beach; it's always been my favorite place. I don't get to do that much in Laramie.

What is it about the game of golf that you enjoy most?

I love the competition, the memories I have with the game, that I get to meet new people every tournament, the time I get to spend outdoors, being with my team, and how it has taught me how to work hard. My favorite part, though, is that it's something I can do to spend time with my grandpa. It's pretty special.

When did you first start golfing? Is it something your parents Bruce and Margie introduced you to or something you started on your own?

My parents don't really play golf, but my grandpa taught me when I was six. He played golf for the University of Washington, so he was able to teach me a lot. When I was older I made a lot of great friends that played and had some great coaches that helped me continue to get better. But I still like going back to my grandpa for help - he's my biggest fan.

Outside of golf tournaments, practice and class/homework, what do you enjoy doing?

I love skiing as much as I can in the winter; it's the only thing I've been doing longer than golf. In the summer I like spending time doing anything outside in the mountains or in the water.

What is your all-time favorite book? Movie?

I read for class but honestly I'm not a big reader outside of that. I have a lot of favorite movies, though. I really like The Lion King, and then probably The Other Guys would have to be my favorite comedy. It's so funny!