Athlete of the Week Archive

Aug. 22, 2007


Andrea Soltau

What do you feel is your leadership role this year being that you are a senior captain?
"My main role will be to lead by example, to go out there and work hard and be positive. Hopefully the rest of the team will feed off of my enthusiasm and work ethic."

Where did the nickname "AJ" come from?
"My middle name is Jane, a lot of people had trouble saying my name on the field when I was 10 years old, so it started there and has stuck with me ever since."

What are some of the strengths of the Cowgirl Soccer team this year?
"I think this year we have a lot of depth and a lot of leaders. We have a very positive vibe going on right now, so hopefully we can carry that throughout the season."

Who are you most excited to play this year and who would you consider to be your rival?
"BYU and Utah are probably our biggest rivals and I am excited to play them both. We have them both at home this year so that will be nice to be able to play them on our home turf."

Where is the toughest place to play?
"BYU, they usually have the most fans at their home games. It's hard to play when you have 1,000 fans cheering against you. Just a very tough environment to play in and when we play there it is usually a night game so that is something that is different for us."

What are some of your goals for this season?
"As a team, stay positive and united. Game wise, have a winning season and make it past the first game of the conference tournament."

What song/CD have you been listening to?
"Before workouts in the morning I turn on CMT (Country Music Television) to listen to some country before my long days."

What do you order at Subway?
"I just ordered from Bailey's which is very similar and I got a six inch turkey on wheat bread with banana peppers."

David Beckham, love him or hate him? Posh Spice?
"Love him. Like her."

James Bond or Jason Bourne?
"James Bond"

When you're bored, you like to...?
"Clean, it's a great stress reliever for me and I am kind of a neat freak."

T.V. show you are dying to be on?
"Fear Factor."