Athlete of the Week Archive

Sept. 19, 2008


Nicole Rice

How did it feel to score your first career goal earlier this season?
"It was awesome. It was a great feeling to get that first one ever in the net."

Since you're from Jackson, what made you decide to stay in Wyoming?
"I grew up watching the Cowgirls play. I thought it would be really great to represent the state and be able to go home and see my name in the papers and my friends and family know how we are playing."

What are the differences between Laramie and Jackson?
"The scenery, for one. Jackson is in the mountains and there are mountains every where."

Where is your favorite place to eat in Jackson?
"Mary Piglets and Sidewinders."

What is your favorite vacation you have ever taken?
"When my family and I went to Hawaii."

What is on your most played list on your IPod?

What do you TiVo the most?
"I like CSI, The Hills, and any soccer games."

What is your favorite pro sports team?
"Philadelphia Eagles and a few soccer teams."

Ski or Snowboard?
"I love to ski."

With all the resorts in the Jackson area, which is your favorite to go to?
"Teton Village."

Other than soccer what are your favorite sports to play?
"I like to ski and play basketball. Those are my favorite two, but pretty much staying active."