Athlete of the Week Archive

Sept. 21, 2007


Juliana Candelaria

What is your major?

When did you start playing soccer?
"I started playing when I was seven."

Did you play any other sports throughout high school?
"I ran track, but that was about it."

Why did you pick soccer over track?
"I just love the competition and how you get to hit people. Track you just have to run, but there are a few more skills that go along with soccer that make it more fun."

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
"I guess that at the start of the game I have to jump really high to get my legs warm and stretched. Even though my legs are killing me I still do it, because it helps a lot."

What are your personal goals for the season?
"I would like to get at least one goal, and a few assists. Whatever it takes to win."

What is playing on your i-pod right now?
"Secondhand Serenade."

Who is your favorite pro soccer player?
"I like Thierry Henry, he plays for France."

What is your favorite part about road trips?
"I like being with the girls, it is really fun. Having roommates in the hotels and going out to dinner with everyone."

What goes on your Subway sandwich?
"Italian BMT with jalapeños, and mustard and mayo."