Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 16, 2009


Emma Wilson

On a road trip what do you do to keep yourself entertained?
"Well our team likes to sleep, sing, make music videos, play games, eat, sleep and sleep some more."

When you take a free kick or corner kick what goes through your mind?
"Kick it right or the other team will counter and score!"

Would you rather have the assist for a game winning goal or block a shot from the other team that saved the game winning goal?
"That is a tough question, but I think I would rather have the assist for the game winning goal."

If you could change one thing about the game of soccer, what would it be?
"Um, I would change the points. I think if you score from further away you should get more points and if you score on a corner you should get two points!"

Have you ever intentionally kicked a ball at an opposing player to hurt them?
"Yes, I have tried, but have actually hit them only a couple times."

If you had a scooter, would you paint it brown and gold and add bucking horse stickers?
"Um, YES!"

Since you and your teammates drive to practice, how many players could fit on your scooter?
"Hm, I think two."

Do you think you could beat coach Sanchez in a race with your scooter against his golf cart?
"Yes, easily. His golf cart wouldn't have anything on my scooter."

If you watched the Denver Broncos game this last weekend, do you think your team should wear the socks the Broncos did on Sunday?
"No, those were ugly."

Do you think you would be a good rugby player?
"Um, no. I don't really understand that sport, so I would be horrible at it."

Instead of a soccer ball, what would a match be like if you played with a beach ball?
"Awesome! It would be slow and the ball would float! And you would never get hurt from the ball! But, I don't think we would have the beach ball for long because the wind would take it away."

Do you think there should be points allowed for hitting the net behind the goal?
"YES! We would have so many goals if that was the case!"

Do you wear the same pair of shin-guards the entire season?
"Yes! But I do wash them!"

Have you ever worn your shin-guards to class?
"No that would be embarrassing!"

If you could attend a professional soccer game, what teams would you want to see?
"Manchester United vs. Real Madrid."