Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 17, 2008


Tanya Halliday

If you could switch spots with another player on your team who would it be and why?
"Kerstyn (Etheridge) because she wins every header she goes up for."

What would you tell someone who said soccer is not a physical sport?
"I would tell them to come watch a game. Or better yet, come to the training room and see just how many people are playing through injuries!"

Soccer is the most popular sport outside the U.S. Why do you think it isn't as popular in the U.S.?
"Probably because it has never been all that widespread or received much media attention in comparison to baseball, basketball, and football. Also, a lot of my friends say they don't like coming to games because they are boring. So maybe Americans are just too impatient to watch a game that typically doesn't involve much scoring."

If you could add something to soccer what would it be?
"I think it would be cool if it was sort of like a foosball table, except each player is attached to a bungee cord from a different spot on the sidelines!"

Do you plan on staying here or close to Wyoming, or move back to the East?
"I'm not sure yet. I have looked at grad schools in both Colorado and back in New England."

What is on the walls in your bedroom?
"Pictures of friends and family, an Ansel Adams photograph of the Grand Tetons, and a Red Sox World Series Champions pennant!"

What's on your "Bucket List"?
"Swim with dolphins, horseback-ride on a beach somewhere tropical, climb all the 14ers, and travel to as many places as possible!"

Who is your favorite super-hero and why?
"I'm not really all that into super-hero movies and other things, so I don't have one."

Three most visited sites on the internet...
"Facebook, Google, and, which is a site that puts outdoor gear and clothing up for sale one item at a time until it is gone, and it is always over 50% off!"

Do you know any other students at UW that are from Mass.?
"There is a guy in the Dietetics program with me from Mass., but that is the only person I know."

What's one thing people don't know about Mass.?
"That the chocolate chip cookie was invented there!"

How can your soccer skills help in life?
"I don't think that any soccer specific skills like dribbling, shooting, juggling, etc... will help me in life. But I think the characteristics I have developed through soccer such as a solid work ethic, responsibility, time management, and leadership skills will benefit me for the rest of my life."

Who is your favorite Boston sports icon?
"Ted Williams, and I will be stereotypical and say Tom Brady too, haha!"