Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 21, 2005


Amanda Lathrop

You were recruited heavily by other pretty big programs, what made you decide to come to Wyoming?
"It was a lot about the coach. I came up here and I loved it, but I also loved the relationship she had with her players. On the field she is a coach, but off the field she has feelings and a lot of the big school coaches don't."

How has it been being able to continue playing with some teammates that you've played with in the past?
"I love it, it's a blast. My roommate and I have been playing together since we were ten and I love it still."

Has it been difficult for you to make the transition from high school to college?
"Yeah, it's different. It's hard playing with a different team and adjusting to play against the bigger players; it's just hard working everything out."

What has it been like getting the opportunity to play as a freshman and contribute the way that you have?
"I love it; it's awesome. I feel like they do lean on me on the outside and I've had the opportunity to come up and score some big goals, so I hope I can keep going."

Up to this point, what do you like best about Wyoming?
"Definitely soccer."

What superstitions (if any) do you have?
"Actually, it WAS my superstition, but I've had the same pair of shin guards since I was 14. So, that I guess is a pretty big one for me; I don't like changing."

As a young player, do you find it difficult competing against some of the older, more experienced players?
"Well it's definitely a big change, but you just have to go into it with a positive attitude and just be confident that you can do it. I am probably smaller than 95% of the girls, but it's not that bad."

What is a "meg" (nutmeg)?
"It's where you kick the ball between the opponents' legs and then run around them and make them look like a fool."

If you could sum up your first season as a Cowgirl Soccer player in one word, what would be?
"Collaboration. Collaborating with the team."