Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 23, 2006


Qwest Wyoming Home

Christine Nagel

If you didn't play forward, what position would you play?
"Probably defense because I played defense since I was seven or eight years old and then they moved me to forward my sophomore year in high school, so probably defense."

What is the bigger play for you, scoring a goal, or a clean slide tackle?
"Probably scoring a goal, but I like to make a clean slide tackle too."

Talk about what it's like playing with your sister Anna?
"It's been fun because I've never really gotten to play with her. She's always been on the same team, but she's so much younger than me that we've not gotten to play together much. It's nice having her around and she lives with me, so it's definitely fun."

What is one thing that Anna can do that you can't on the soccer field?
"She does what we call the "Nagel Cut", or change directions and she does that really well."

How do you feel after a game when you've tied the opposing team?
"It depends. If you tie a team that you know you should beat, then it's not very fun, but if it's team that is really good and has been doing well, then it's kind of a victory in some aspects."

What is your favorite food?
"Salad! My mom said that when she was pregnant with me, all she ate was lettuce, so now when ever I go anywhere to eat and they have good salad, I'll eat that over a good steak."

Sweats or Jeans?
"When I was younger, jeans, but now I'd prefer sweats."

Dogs or cats?
"Definitely dogs. I have a nice little pug named Jacks."

What CD are you listening to in your car?
"A mixed tape of John Mayer and Jack Johnson. I don't, I just like alternative music and acoustics."

When you guys play at home, how important is it to have an announcer like Geoff Mack?
"It helps a lot to have someone who is enthusiastic about the game and we love the way he says our names."

You recently got engaged to former UW Football player Matt Chase?
"Yeah, he wanted to do it at our final soccer game, but he couldn't wait that long so he ended up giving me the ring at four in the morning when I was sleeping. He was like `Christine' and I rolled over and he was on one knee and was like `Right now?!'".