Wyoming Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 26, 2007


Kerstyn Etheridge

You changed your jersey number from #24 to #14...why?
"Well, 14 is my favorite number. It's kind of random, but I've always liked that number. Kristen Stangl had that jersey last year so I had to pick another one that was similar. So when she graduated I took that number."

What was the headband that you wore all of last year and why don't you have it this season?

"I was head-butted last year and got a really bad concussion, so our trainer had me wear the headband to prevent further concussions. I like to head the ball a lot, so I hated wearing it because I felt like I didn't have any control over the ball and where I could place it. We have a different trainer this year that doesn't make me wear it, so hopefully I won't have to ever wear one again. I hated it!"

What's going on with all of the concussions on the team this year?

"We've had some really rough games and played some hard teams, so we've taken some pretty big shots because of that style of play. My roommate Kelsey Lindner has been out all year with a concussion."

What would you say to someone who thinks that soccer is not a contact sport?

"That they are wrong! Actually a lot of it depends on the ref. If he makes calls early in the game then it is less likely that there will be cheap shots, but if he lets it go then the game can get really out of control fast. Girls actually get really mad. It's ridiculous! During yesterday's game I had a girl yelling at me because she thought I was pushing her in the back. That happens a lot."

Do you think that soccer will ever be as popular in America as some of the other sports?

"No. It's not talked about very much and you rarely see it on TV, especially women's soccer. Plus, there are so many other options, like football and baseball."

Being from Canada, are you a hockey fan and are all Canadians hockey fans?

"Yes I am! I've grown up with it and watched it because all of my family is very athletic and into hockey. Not everyone from Canada is into it, but most are and then there are always the people who jump on the band wagon when a team is doing good. I love the Vancouver Canuks, but even before I came to UW my second favorite team was the Avalanche because of Joe Sakic."

You are from Surrey, British Columbia...can you describe it?

"It is like 45 minutes out of Vancouver. It has a rainy climate, kind of like Seattle. It is right on the coast. It is a pretty big city and split into a lot of different communities within it."

You played a lot of sports in high school like soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and softball. What made you decide to play soccer in college?

"I would say mostly because of my Dad. He is really into soccer and was really good when he was growing up. In like grade 10, I was trying to play high level soccer and softball at the same time but when I had to start missing practices I had to pick one and it was soccer. I played volleyball through my senior year of high school."

How did you end up at Wyoming?

"Oh my gosh, it was so random. I wasn't planning on coming to the states for school because I was going to stay home. Canada is a little behind the states in recruiting so I was behind the whole process. I didn't really know how the process went and didn't send out videos or anything. When I was in San Diego playing in the Surf Cup during Thanksgiving weekend, one of the Wyoming assistant coaches was watching a girl we were playing against and I guess she saw me. I got a letter in the mail so I called and then took a visit in January and I really liked it here."

What is the one thing that you miss the most about Canada?

"In Vancouver we had the mountains and also the beach so in Wyoming I miss the ocean and the beach."

You play center midfield, what is your role on the field?

"I am a really defensive minded player. We have a flat midfield arrangement so if Emily (Layton) goes up then I stay back and vice versa. I find myself coming back more and Emily playing more offense which fits."

In college there are always late nights...what is your favorite late night meal?

"Ice Cream."

What was the last concert you saw?

"I was in the front row at a Rascal Flats concert in Vancouver when I was in grade 12. I also saw Faith Hill and Tim McGraw last summer."

If you could see any band in concert, who would it be?

"Oh wow, that is hard. Probably Dashboard Confessional or Deathcab for Cutie."