2000 Cowgirl Soccer Outlook

Aug. 17, 2000


The University of Wyoming Cowgirl Soccer program returns elevenstarters from last year's team, which is just one reason why head coach AnneMoore is excited about the upcoming season. Beginning her second seasonwith the Cowgirls, Anne Moore and her assistants Kim Murphy and MistyLong are looking forward to starting the season with strong recruits andexperienced returners. The 2000 season marks the sixth year for the CowgirlSoccer program and should be one to remember.

Along with the strong new recruits, the team will be returning top playersfrom last year including, Kelly McShane, Katrina Morton, Anne Maddock,Amanda Vandervort, Meghan Marsh, Jessica Piccone and top freshman from lastyear Sara Stephens. "Hopefully this year we'll be able to surprise a lot ofteams," said Moore. "Last year our record didn't show that we did much, butoverall as a team we're much stronger, more experienced and we're ready toput some W's on the board."

This past spring the team played in five tournaments, with the main focuson speed and finishing. "The spring was extremely beneficial, just gettingthe team together and getting them into a system of play," said Moore. "Wehave a lot of leadership coming back with our five seniors. They are fiveof our strongest players, so we'll have more experience on the field. Also,the freshmen from last year have a year under their belt, know what toexpect and should be able to come in at the fitness level and the type ofmentality they need to play at this level."

The Cowgirls will have both experience and new faces at each position onthe field. Forwards - "Up top we have a lot of experience with KellyMcShane returning, being our MVP from last year," said Moore. "Also, SaraStephens stepped up and played a lot her first year, and did some greatthings during the spring. Meghan Marsh is another senior who will beplaying up top, and has increased her speed and scored a lot of goals for usin the spring. Along with the other returners there is Laura Miceli, whohad surgery in the spring and hopefully after rehab this summer will comeback strong, as well as Kathy Lewis, who had an ankle injury during thespring, who will give us some time up top".

The top recruit coming in to play at the forward position will be Rene'eMinero. "Rene'e is a great forward," said Moore. "She has great speed andwill see a lot of time up top. She is a very skillful, attacking typeplayer who likes to take people on and take it to the goal. Sarah Immoosand Brenna Meadows should also see some time. "

Midfielders - In the midfield, the Cowgirls have two seniors returning,in Katrina Morton and Anne Maddock. "Both of the seniors will be strong inthe middle for us, as well as junior Sancy Florquist, who we're hoping willstay healthy this season," said Moore. "Sancy did a great job for us in thespring, and will hopefully come back in the fall and be able to help us outin the outside areas. Meredith Russo also did well this spring and hasreally stepped up her speed. Also in the middle is Marci Crank, a starterfrom last year, who will hopefully be back from an injury and be ready toplay in the fall."

The top freshmen in the midfield are Lindsay Schmid and Kerri Fahres, bothfrom California, and Angela O'Dell from Colorado. "Kerri Fahres is a verystrong player, with good height," said Moore. "She could play in the middleor on the outside. Angela O'Dell is also a very strong player who willprobably see quite a bit of playing time. She has done a great job for herhigh school, and is one of the toughest center mid-fielders in Colorado.Lindsay Schmid, who is a very versatile player, should be able to make animpact at any position we put her in because of her skill level."

Defenders - In the back, the Cowgirls have three top returners from lastyear's team. Junior Jessica Piccone will anchor the defense again for theCowgirls, along with fellow junior Abby Mouch. "We'll look to Piccone,Mouch and Katie Groke, as starters last fall, to head our defensive effort,"said Moore. "And then we've moved back Rachael Brink, who did an awesomejob for us this spring. She is just a tough defender, has great size, andstepped it up quite a bit. Lauren O'Hara is another returner who hasstepped up her play this spring."

The top defensive freshmen for Wyoming are Jennifer Barksdale from Casperand Kelly Anderson from California. "We'll have a great addition fromCalifornia, Kelly Anderson, who plays sweeper or marking back. She iscomposed and has done well at the high school level," said Moore. Ourfreshman from Wyoming, Jennifer Barksdale, is also a quick and toughcompetitor."

Goalkeepers - The Cowgirls will have a lot of experience in the goalkeeperposition, with senior Amanda Vandervort and sophomore Sarah Kuyperreturning. "We'll have a little more experience in the goalkeeper positionthis year," said Moore. "It should be a good battle between the two of themto decide who will step up this season."

The team will have eleven home matches this fall and will be looking toimprove on last year's finish. Wyoming finished with a 4-14-1 overallrecord and tied for fifth in the Mountain West Conference. Wyoming's fallschedule includes matches against six Mountain West Conference schools andtwelve non-conference schools including Marshall, Portland State,Pittsburgh, and Creighton.