Wyoming Cowgirls Fall 1-0 to the Colorado College Tigers

Sept. 8, 1999


The University of Wyoming Cowgirl Soccer team lost to the Colorado College Tigers 1-0 today at the UW Soccer Stadium. The one and only goal came in the 38th minute, when Kasey Clark got past UW goalie Amanda Vandervort. The Cowgirls had several chances to tie the score, but couldn't get the ball past CC goalie Kristin Masunaga.

The Cowgirls had seventeen shots, with eight of those being shots on goal, while Colorado College ended up with twenty shots, and ten shots on goal. Sophomore forward, Laura Miceli and freshman forward, Marci Crank led the Cowgirl's offensive effort with two shots on goal each. Anne Maddock also helped the Cowgirl effort with three shots, one of them being a shot on goal.

Wyoming's next opponent will be on the road where they will match up against Colorado on Sunday, Sept. 5 at 1:00pm, Gonzaga on Friday, Sept. 10 at 4:00pm and Washington State on Sunday, Sept. 12 at 12:00pm.

Post-game quotes from UW head coach Anne Moore -

"We work the ball around from the middle third on up and it's that final third that we?re just having a lot of trouble with. We're getting opportunities it's just that we need to finish them. I think that Colorado College did a good job defensively organizing, they didn't put a lot of pressure on the ball, they'd let us come at them and then they would organize very well defensively and it was just tough getting through them.

"As far as our play, I think we did well at times and then the last ten minutes we were kind of panicked and thought 'Oh my gosh we?ve got to win', when really if we would have just continued to play our game it would have come eventually.

"I told the girls that they played well and to not let this get them down, because from the past they feel this pressure that they have to win and then they don't always play the smartest game. I told them let it go, it's over it's done with, there are things we could do better, and it's just a matter of finishing. It's hard for them to look past individual games, they want to win so badly, but they are not being smart about it. I told them to just let it go and start focusing on the next game."