Student-Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week

Jenny Johnson

What will it be like to face your former head coach when Colorado comes to town?

It will be a fun, competitive game

Which of Coach Cuadrado's practice drills do you least enjoy?

The box possession drill

You've got a good-sized family with nine siblings. Did everyone play sports growing up or did each one go his/her way with their talents?

Our parents never forced anyone to play sports but it's interesting that we all did. Some went to college for basketball, a couple for football, one for volleyball, and another for soccer like me. It's been a bonding ground for all of us.

What is your favorite meal your mother prepared for the family?

Too many to choose from

What is your favorite course within the international studies program?

French- I love learning languages

You also played basketball in high school. When did you decide to focus your talents on soccer?

When I decided to commit to UW

How was the transition from midfield to defense, and what do you enjoy most as a defender?

It was a smooth transition because I've always been more defensive-minded. I enjoy the challenge of working as a collective unit as a backline.

Being from Fort Collins, did you venture up to Laramie on occasion? Do your CSU friends give you a hard time about being a Cowgirl?

The first time I came to Laramie was on my visit - my friends were supportive of my decision and try not to give me a super hard time.

What is your dream car? Vacation?

My dream car is a black on black Range Rover and a vacation spot would definitely be Paris

Do you have a favorite movie?

Love and Basketball