Student-Athlete of the Week

Sept. 13, 2011

Laramie, Wyo. -

Athlete of the Week

Courtney Merkle

Is there a story behind you choosing to wear #0?
No, there isn't really any story behind me wearing the #0. I was assigned the number before I got here my freshman year, but I secretly always wanted to be #0 because I had never seen anyone wear it before when I was playing club soccer in Canada.

How did you end up playing for Wyoming, and how were you recruited?
I always wanted to go to a university with one of my club teammates and I was lucky enough that Carmen Blume and Olivia Mohtadi committed here before me, and it eventually made my decision that much easier to come to Wyoming.

Which is better: Subway, Quiznos, or Jimmy John's?
In Wyoming, definitely Jimmy John's! We don't have Jimmy John's in Canada so I loved it when I got here. Subway and Quiznos are very different back home, but when I am home I will always go for Quiznos!

What is your favorite thing about playing goalie?
I love the rush I get when I make a big save or get a shut out in a game. It just makes it all so intense and rewarding. It's also a position most people would not like to play, so I like being different and doing something other people wouldn't necessarily want to do.

Do you get to pick out your goalie jerseys?
Unfortunately I do not get to pick out my own goalie jerseys, but I do like the jerseys we have right now and try and make nice color combinations. Maybe if my coaches read this, an orange jersey top would match nicely with the shorts and socks please!

Tell us about your hometown.
Lethbridge is a smaller city and is about an hour from the Canada/US border. It is kind of similar to Laramie because it can be pretty windy all the time which is not something I'm too fond of. Just like all other Canadian cities we have plenty of Tim Horton's, which is a coffee shop that kind of symbolizes Canada, and I'm no different from other Canadians in that it is my favorite place to go when I'm home to catch up with friends on breaks.

What three things do you need with you at all times?
Definitely need my cell phone at all times since it also has my music on it, my car/house keys because if they are not with me at all times I tend to lose or forget them, a third thing I always used to carry and need to start carrying with me again is my camera. I love taking pictures!

What is hanging up on your walls in your bedroom?
I'm all about pictures! I have tons of pictures in a collage on my wall and also a bunch of frames to remind me of home and my friends from high school as well as soccer growing up. Being away from home gets hard sometimes so pictures really help to put a smile on my face!

What goes through your head when you see the opponent about to attempt a shot on goal?
The first thing that goes through my head is the thought that there is no way I'm going to let this shot go in. After that I try and get in a good position and set for the shot.

What is your favorite restaurant?
My favorite restaurant is in my hometown. It's a Japanese restaurant called O-Shos and has the best sushi and dinners ever! Whenever I am home I make sure I go at least once, and it's usually the first meal I eat when I get home from school during breaks.

You are about to start an eight game home stand, what is your favorite thing about being able to play on your home field?
I think it will be great to get home and play in front of our fans. I know everyone on the team is eager to get out there in front of our classmates and fans and show everyone how hard we have worked in preseason and this first stretch of the season.

What is your favorite weather to play soccer in?
I love playing soccer when it's a little overcast and there is a nice cool breeze. I am not a huge fan of playing in very hot weather.

What career would you like to pursue after college?
I am still unsure of what I want to do after college. I think that Kinesiology is the right major for me and I know that I want to do something in Health Promotion but just am not sure what that is yet.

Do you currently live with some of your teammates, and if so, what do you all do to stay entertained at home?
I am currently living with just one teammate, Allison Masumiya. Being student athletes we are usually pretty busy most of the time with homework and classes, but when we do get time we like to relax and catch up on some Jersey Shore, and have some teammates over to hang out!