Student-Athlete of the Week

October 29, 2012

Athlete of the Week

Sydney Jones

Last year you earned the team's Steamboat award, showing your individual leadership. As a senior, how did you help younger defenders and other members of the team?

I tried emphasizing that hard work is more important than skill or talent when it comes down to it.

Where do you fall in line between your sisters Evan and Meredith? Did they show you the ropes of soccer or did you teach them how to play? Do you have a favorite memory playing sports with them growing up?

Middle. My older sister played first and we used to play in our backyard with our dog, so I guess she showed me the ropes. I got to play with both my sisters in high school so that was a lot of fun.

Is your focus more on zoology or environment and natural resources for your career path? What would your dream job be down the road?

Zoology. My dream job would be what Steve Irwin did, except for getting killed by a sting ray.

What has been your favorite class at UW?

Probably mammology or ornithology or animal nutrition

As a defender, you don't get too many shots at the goal, but how was it to score your first collegiate goal earlier this year against Eastern Washington?

Surprising. I wasn't expecting to score when I shot it so that was fun.

When did you start playing soccer and when did you know it was something you could be good at?

When I was 5. I have no idea, maybe when I was 10 or 11.

Where was your favorite family vacation growing up?

My grandparents' lake house

What was your favorite meal your mother prepared for the family?

Stuffing at Thanksgiving