Athlete of the Week Archive

Feb. 12, 2010


Sasa Nemcova

What made you decide to come from Slovakia to Laramie?
"My friend Simona was recruited by our coach and I asked her if I could also come. So we came for a visit last March and we both liked it so we decided to come."

Has that been a difficult transition for you?
"It was very difficult. I wanted to go to study in the U.S. after high school but I didn't because it was very hard for me to leave my boyfriend. I changed my mind after one year and I have to say that I am very happy about my decision now."

Who is the most famous tennis player to ever come from Slovakia?
"Martina Hingis was born in Slovakia, but she changed her nationality to Swiss. We had a lot of good players in Czechoslovakia for example, Martina Navratilova or Ivan Lendl."

How many hours of the Australian Open did you watch?
"Since we just bought a TV a week ago, we didn't have the opportunity to watch it. But I was always checking results on the internet!"

What is your favorite type of court surface to play on?
"I grew up on a clay. On clay, I really like that you can slide and use a lot of spin in your shots. But one thing that I like about hard courts is that the matches are much shorter:)"

If you could be any animal what kind of animal would you be?
"I would like to be a cat because it's common for good players to move like cats!"

What is the most common language people speak in Slovakia? Others?
"Normally, people speak Slovak:) But we also understand Czech and in the south a lot of people speak Hungarian."

How many different languages do you know?
"I speak Slovak, Czech and English, but I also speak a little bit of German and I have started learning French."

Do you have a better backhand or forehand?
"My forehand is my dominant shot, but my backhand is getting better after an injury. I am starting to feel more confident on that side."

How good are you at tennis on the Wii?
"I never played but I would like to try. And I think that I will be good.:)"

What is the most popular sport in Slovakia?
"Mostly in Europe, the most popular sport is soccer. In Slovakia, ice hockey is popular too and tennis as well."

Do you plan on moving back to Slovakia after college?
"I would like to live in Europe. Maybe in Slovakia and maybe somewhere more in western Europe."

Is there any food that Americans eat a lot of, but you find disgusting?
"I don`t like red meat that much because half of my family is vegetarian so I am not used to it. Also sandwiches for lunch are weird for me because in Slovakia, lunch is the main meal and I am used to having a cooked lunch. But the only thing that looks disgusting to me is beef jerky."

At what age did you start playing tennis?
"I started playing when I was 8. I skiied when I was younger but my hometown, Bratislava is far from the slopes so it was hard and expensive to travel every weekend to Austria, so I switched to tennis."

Besides tennis what is your favorite sport?
"Snowboarding. It is so much fun. I like it because of all the tricks that you can do. Although, after I broke my tailbone on a railing I am now much more careful."