Athlete of the Week Archive

Feb. 20, 2009


Jamie Nelson

Tell us about the special team t-shirt you have been wearing this week?
"Coach Kati introduced a match "player of the week" t-shirt. Basically, we all vote who we think was the player of the week from our last matches. I won the vote this week but it will change from week to week. We'll also be having a "practice player of the week." It's basically the same idea, we vote on who worked the hardest at practice and then the following week that person has to wear the shirt."

Down a set and 4-1 in the second, how did you come back to win the match against Montana State and clinch the team win?
"I just kept trying to find a way to win points. At that point in the match all I could do was worry about one point at a time and eventually it started to turn around in my favor. It was a big match for us and we all had felt like we've let opportunities for wins slip away. Seeing Sarah on the court next to me fight back and win her second and third set made me really believe this could be the first win for us."

If you could change one thing about the game of tennis to make it more entertaining, what would that be?
"I'm not sure, I've never really given this a lot of thought."

Who is your favorite Wyoming Cowboy Football player?
"I would have to say Jacob Scott, he's a big influence in my life."

How would you describe the style of tennis you play to someone?
"I'm more of a baseliner. I don't come to the net that often. My shots aren't always the most powerful, I just try to move the ball around the whole court."

Which is your better shot, your forehand or backhand?

If you could give one piece of advice to a novice tennis player about serving, what would that be?
"Toss the ball as high as you can. It's the most important thing."

What is the strangest thing anyone has ever asked you about being a red-head?
"Once I had someone randomly come up to me and ask If I knew "only 1-3,000 redheads have red eyelashes". I think that's probably the most random thing."

Who is your favorite female professional tennis player? Male?
"I don't watch a lot of professional tennis...but my favorite male player is James Blake."

How important is it in women's tennis to wear "cute" outfits?
"It's nice to feel good about how you look on the court, but really at the end of the day I think my whole team would agree that we're just fine wearing shorts & a t-shirt."

What is your favorite pizza topping?
"I'm pretty simple...I just like mushrooms."

What is your worst personal habit?
"Tough one. I have a terrible problem with never calling people back. I always put it off because I think I don't have enough time to talk as long as they'd sometimes weeks go by."

Have you ever whiffed an overhead during a match?
"I'm sure I happens to everyone."

Have you ever played on grass? Clay? And do you like those surfaces?
"Yes, I've played on all types of surfaces. Grass is fun and way more challenging in my opinion than the others, but clay is my favorite. It's fun to slide while playing."

Do you prefer to play singles or doubles? Why?
"Doubles. It's a lot more fun because you're out there with someone. Plus, the points are usually a lot more exciting and fast paced."

Can you listen to music while you practice and still remain focused?
"Yes, I'm always listening to music. We practice all the time with the music playing. It makes all of us get more pumped up and excited to be playing."