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March 5, 2007


Qwest Wyoming Home

Michelle Brown

How did you get to the University of Wyoming?
"There is a guy that I am pretty close to that is involved in Tennis Canada, and he knew me through my junior career. He and our old tennis coach, Pam Wildt, knew each other quite well, so she came up to the tennis nationals in Canada and then I made a visit down here and the school had pretty much everything that I was looking for and so I decided to come here."

You've progressively gotten better since you've been here, so talk a little bit about that.
"When I made the decision to play tennis, it was because it was the only sport that I played that I enjoyed practicing. I just love to practice tennis and I know that may sound kind of funny, but I love going to practice and practicing more and working out. Coming here, they make us practice a lot and I think that just the fact that I can go every day and I'm ready to practice and I'm in to it, has really helped be get better."

What is your style of play when comes to the sport of tennis?
"Well, I'm definitely a baseliner and I sometimes like to come to the net. I have a better forehand, that's probably my power shot, and a good first serve, so if my forehand is on and I've got my first serve, then I feel like it's a pretty good day. I like to stay on the court and make the points really long, so I guess that's my style."

Do you prefer singles or doubles in college tennis?
"Well, I would say definitely singles because I've played singles my whole life, and playing doubles has just become part of tennis for me since I've come to college, so it's pretty new and quite different and I like that and how you have more of the team aspect again. It is definitely fun, but I'm a singles player at heart."

Have you ever intentionally hit anyone while playing?
"Yeah, I mean if I know that somebody is a little bit scared or nervous at the net, then I'll try to pick on them a little, but if you go up to the net then you have to be ready; it's just a tennis ball, it's not going to kill you."

Have you ever been hit?
"Yes I have, definitely. That's the only way you're going to get good at the net, is if you're ready to get hit."

What type of racquet do you play with?
"I just switched to the Wilson Encode. It's the newer version of my old racquet, the Surge. I've always played with Wilson; I like it the most."

Of the four Grand Slams, which one would you rather go to as a fan?
"Oh I'd say the U.S. Open, but I'd rather be playing in it though."

If you had the opportunity to meet one person playing, or who has played, on the Pro-Tour, who would it be?
"Oh gosh, I'd say Andre Agassi. He's like a living legend, and you have to admire what he's done and how hard he's worked."

Tell us a little bit about your home town, what's it like?
"Well actually I live about fifteen minutes away from a town called St. John and there are about 120,000 people who live there, so it's not that bad. Quispamsis is a great town in the valley and I grew up there and went to school there and it's just no different than any other town that's outside a larger city.

What is your major?
"Business administration and I'm going to have a minor in finance."

How do you prefer to spend your free time?
"This might sound weird, but I really like to work out during my free time. To have something where I can just go and close my mind, would have to be working out; I love working out, but I'm definitely a girly-girl and I love to shop and do those things."

What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
"I would have to say Taco Bell. We don't have Taco Bell where I'm from, so right now that's my favorite."

Coke or Pepsi?

What is your favorite kind of music?
"Um, R&B and Hip Hop."