Athlete of the Week Archive

April 4, 2008


Sarah Summerfield

How would you describe yourself as a player?
"I can switch from offense to defense, so I don't think I have one particular style. I am a baseline player for sure. I don't like to come to the net."

Do you hit a one-handed or two-handed backhand?
"Two-handed. I'll slice one-handed, but that's it."

What type of racket do you play with?
"I use a Yonex. I've used it for about three years and have no plans for changing."

You played a long match recently against TCU and won...what is the longest match you've played?
"I've played some long matches and that one was right up there, but was cut short by the ten-point tiebreak. I did have a pretty long match last year against Denver."

Have you ever been intentionally hit with a ball or have you hit an opponent on purpose?
"I've definitely been hit a lot and I've definitely hit other people. This is kind of bad, but last year in doubles I hit an opponent who was standing at the net off of my serve. I went right at her and got the point because the ball hit her before it bounced. It actually goes on quite a bit in doubles. It's pretty intense."

Who are your favorite professional players?
"I really like watching men's tennis. Guys like Roger Federer and a lot of the top players. No one specific person. It's unbelievable to watch live and they are so talented. Much different than watching on TV. They make you want to go practice."

If you could play mixed doubles with Andy Roddick, Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, who would you choose?
"I would pick Nadal. No question. I love his intensity. Everything about him. The way he acts on the court, the way he dresses and the way he plays. He's definitely my favorite of those three."

If you could attend one of the four major professional tournaments, which one would you pick?
"I would say probably the U.S. Open. It's in New York City and I love New York City. It's close to home and on hard courts, which is my favorite surface."

You hurt your knee last's it doing?
"The knee is holding up and feels good. It's been really tough to come back from. Much harder than I thought it would be. It's hard to be on it constantly; practice, travel, long matches and all the running. My footwork is getting better, so there is improvement. I actually just got rid of my knee brace, which was the worst thing ever!"

During your home matches, do you think that Laramie's weather and elevation give you any advantage?
"Most opponents are definitely not used to the elevation, so that helps. When I first got here I had a hard time keeping the ball in the court because of how it just flys. Now it's just normal for me, but it takes some getting used to. I'm not to fond of playing in wind, but no matter what the conditions are I try to use them to my advantage."

Do you prefer water of Gatorade?
"Gatorade, but actually I like Propel Fitness Water. Grape, lemon...just the original flavors. Not the new calcium kind."

What kind of music gets you going before a match?
"I like listening to Chris Brown. Hip-hop and stuff like that. Hip-hop is not my favorite type of music, but I like to listen to it when I play because it gets me going."