Cowgirl Tennis Downs Drake, 5-0

Feb. 13, 2016


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The Wyoming tennis team (5-3 overall) began its two-match homestand with a 5-0 victory over the Drake Bulldogs (5-3 overall) on Saturday afternoon in Laramie.

“It started in doubles play with the energy and the upperclassmen. They came out on a mission, determined after last year’s match against Drake and wanted to make a statement,” UW head coach Dean Clower said. “Honestly, the last couple of weeks our practices have been some of the best all season. I’m a firm believer that you play the way you practice.”

The Cowgirls started off strong in doubles play by jumping out to a 1-0 lead. The duo of Dorottya Jonas and Miranda Talbert earned a 6-4 victory over Mela Jaglarz and Summer Brills, while Magdalena Stencel and Nastya Tokareva defeated Tess Herder and Mariel Ante, 6-3 to clinch the point. Elisa Koonik and Tessa van Der Ploeg were down 5-4 against Maddie Jonson and Joely Lomas.

That momentum carried over to singles as Wyoming dominated play. Tokareva beat Brills in straight sets, 6-2, 6-1 followed by Stencel at the number one position with a 6-3, 6-3 win over Ante. The Cowgirls clinched the match with a 6-4, 6-3 win by Jonas over Johnson.

Wyoming will return to action on tomorrow morning against the Northern Colorado Bears. The match is set to begin at 11 a.m. MT at the UW Indoor Tennis Courts.

“In tomorrow’s match against Northern Colorado, the doubles point will be critical. Their number one doubles team is ranked nationally right now and they are well coached. We need to come out with that same fire that we did today.”

Wyoming 5, Drake 0
Singles competition
1. Magdalena Stencel (WY) def. Mariel Ante (DU) 6-3, 6-3
2. Nastya Tokareva (WY) def. Summer Brills (DU) 6-2, 6-1
3. Dorottya Jonas (WY) def. Maddie Johnson (DU) 6-4, 6-3
4. Elisa Koonik (WY) def. Tess Herder (DU) 5-7, 6-4, 1-0 (10-5)
5. Tessa van Der Ploeg (WY) vs. Joely Lomas (DU) 6-1, 3-2, unfinished
6. Miranda Talbert (WY) vs. Mela Jaglarz (DU) 6-1, 2-2, unfinished

Doubles competition
1. Magdalena Stencel/Nastya Tokareva (WY) def. Tess Herder/Mariel Ante (DU) 6-3
2. Elisa Koonik/Tessa van Der Ploeg (WY) vs. Maddie Johnson/Joely Lomas (DU) 4-5, unfinished
3. Dorottya Jonas/Miranda Talbert (WY) def. Mela Jaglarz/Summer Brills (DU) 6-4

Match Notes:
Drake Bulldogs 5-3
Wyoming Cowgirls 5-3
Order of finish: Doubles (3,1); Singles (2,1,3,4)