Tennis Defeats Montana State Bobcats 6-2

Feb. 12, 2000


The University of Wyoming Cowgirltennis team defeated the Montana State Bobcats today 6-2 in ColoradoSprings, Colorado, making it the first win of the spring season. TheCowgirls are now 2-3 with a previous win over Northern Colorado in thefall season.

The singles portion of the competition went well for the Cowgirls, withonly Sofi Espinosa losing to her opponent. Shirley Mendoza in the No. 4singles, earned her second win over her MSU opponent this season, 6-1, 6-4, having previouslydefeated Drummond at the Washington State Invite this fall 6-0, 6-3.Dossetor and del Monte also added singles wins to the score, by defeating theiropponents in three sets at the bottom of the lineup.

In doubles play, the Cowgirls had already won the dual, however Robertsand Kay put an exclamation point on the win by defeating their opponents8-4.

Quotes from head coach Pam Davis --

"Overall we played very good - good matches especially out of Angela andPaulina at the bottom of the lineup, pulling out two of the three setmatches. They were very good wins for them, because it was tight allthe way through. They clinched the victory and sealed it for the team.

"Overall we're coming together and are feeling good. We're feeling alittle more competitive after a win and feel better about going into theBowling Green and Nebraska matches this next weekend."

Singles1.  Melanie Roberts def. Stacy Voelker  W 6-0, 6-02.  Sarah Kay def. Elizabeth Lowrance  W 6-4, 7-63.  Alley Jensen def. Sofi Espinosa    L  6-3, 6-04.  Shirley Mendoza def. Rachel Drummond W 6-1, 6-45.  Angela Dossetor def. Susan Risteen   W 7-6, 2-6, 6-36.  Paulina del Monte def. Nellie Crowley W 5-7, 6-0, 6-4

Doubles1. Roberts/Kay def. Voelker/Drummond W 8-42. Lowrance/Jensen def. Mendoza/Espinosa L 8-5Number three doubles did not compete