Cowgirl Tennis Opens Up Weekend With Victory Over Eastern Washington

Feb. 28, 2003


Despite being down a player, the Wyoming Cowgirl Tennis Team improved their dual record to 3-2 overall after a 5-2 victory over the Eastern Washington Eagles on Friday afternoon in Portland.

The Cowgirls took the doubles point after sweeping two of the three matches. The team of Yuliani Santi and Jen Hancock defeated Jennifer Jolley and Marie Carroll, 8-3, while Patricia Chien and Kati Gyulai recorded an 8-2 victory over Wendy Freeman and Stacie Pate.

In singles play, the Cowgirls won four of five matches with their only loss coming at the No. 3 spot. At the No. 1 position, Yuliani Santi defeated Jennifer Jolley 6-2, 6-0, while Patricia Chien also swept her match 6-2, 6-2 over Marie Carroll. Senior Kati Gyulai earned a 6-1, 6-1 victory over Stacie Pate, and freshman Megan Williams closed out the match with a 7-5, 6-0 win over Aki Tsuchiya. Junior Jen Hancock fell short in her match against Wendy Freeman, 6-1, 4-6 (10-7).

"We're definitely making strides by making up for the deficit of being down a player," said head coach Pam Wildt. "They made the adjustments knowing they were already down a point, so they had to play that much harder. Overall, I thought they fought hard the entire match and had a great day."

The Cowgirls will continue play tomorrow against the Portland Pilots at 10:00 a.m., and then will wrap up the weekend against Portland State, on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m.


1. Ani Santi (UW) def. Jennifer Jolley (EWU), 6-2, 6-02. Patricia Chien (UW) def. Marie Carroll (EWU), 6-2, 6-23. Wendy Freeman (EWU) def. Jen Hancock (UW), 6-1, 4-6 (10-7)4. Kati Gyulai (UW) def. Stacie Pate (EWU), 6-1, 6-15. Megan Williams (UW) def. Aki Tsuchiya (EWU), 7-5, 6-06. default to Eastern Washington


1. Santi/Hancock (UW) def. Jolley/Carroll (EWU), 8-32. Gyulai/Chien (UW) def. Freeman/Pate (EWU), 8-23. default to Eastern Washington