Cowgirl Tennis Wins Close Dual Against Iowa State

March 13, 2000


The University of Wyoming CowgirlTennis team was in San Diego, California today to compete against theCyclones of Iowa State. The Cowgirls, now 3-6, where looking to getanother win under their belt and won a close one scoring 5-4.

In singles, the Cowgirls got off to a great start winning the firstfour matches. Melanie Roberts, Sofi Espinosa and Shirley Mendoza alldefeated their opponents in two sets, while Sarah Kay defeated heropponent in three. ISU got the rest of the singles matches and had twopoints going into doubles.

The doubles play started with Melanie Roberts and Shirley Mendozasealing the win for the Cowgirls. Robertsand Mendoza pulled out an 8-6 victory over Tara Goedjen and NoorjeCornelissen and gave the Cowgirls their fifth team point. The Cyclonescaptured the last two doubles matches.

"We were ahead 4-2 after the singles matches, but it came down to ourtwo seniors, Melanie Roberts and Shirley Mendoza, winning the No. 1doubles match to give us the team victory," said coach Pam Davis."We've been searching for the right combinations for doubles partnersall year, and Melanie and Shirley have really been working hard at theirdoubles game. That hard work paid off today. It was their leadershipand competitiveness that won this match for us."

Davis adds, "Hopefully we can use this victory to build on as we faceLong Beach State on Tuesday and Cal State Fullerton on Wednesday."


1. Melanie Roberts (UW) vs. Noortje Cornelissen W 6-1, 7-52. Sarah Kay (UW) vs. Edna Vazquez W 6-4, 6-7, 6-13. Sofi Espinosa (UW) vs. Kendra Leese W 6-4, 6-24. Shirley Mendoza (UW) vs. Kristin Gyaki W 6-3, 6-45. Angela Dossetor (UW) vs. Tara Goedjen L 6-0, 6-36. Paulina del Monte (UW) vs. Courtney Leese L 6-2, 6-4


1. M. Roberts/Mendoza (UW) vs. Cornelissen/Goedjen W 8-62. Kay/Dossetor (UW) vs. K. Leese/Gyaki L 8-53. Espinosa/del Monte (UW) vs. Vazquez/C. Leese L 8-2