Cowgirl Tennis Defeats Oral Roberts

April 10, 2000


The Cowgirl tennis team defeated a very goodOral Roberts, 7-5 overall record, team yesterday in Tulsa, Okla. They wonone of the three doubles matches, but then swept the singles to make thefinal score 7-2. The Cowgirls are now 7-9 on the season and have onlythree more matches this season before competing in the Mountain WestConference Tournament on April 27-29.

In singles, the Cowgirls swept the Golden Eagles, winning every matchin straight sets. Melanie Roberts started play in No. 1 singles anddefeated Marlena Madciolek 6-3, 6-3. Shirley Mendoza in her secondmatch in the No. 2 spot had a very good match and defeated her opponent6-2, 6-1. In the No. 3 and 4 spots Sofi Espinosa and Angela Dossetoradded to the team score winning 6-3, 6-2, and 6-0, 6-1 respectively.Then in the No. 5 and 6 spots, Paulina del Monte and Amanda Robertsfinished up the singles defeating their opponents 6-4, 6-0 and 6-4,6-4.

In doubles, the Cowgirls only won one of the three matches, however allthe matches were close. In the No. 1 spot M. Roberts and Mendozadefeated Marlena Madciolek and Carrie Pretorius 8-5, while the other twoteams were defeated 8-6.

The Cowgirls have their third and final home match against the AirForce Academy on April 16, 2000 at 10:00 am at the UW Tennis Courts.Then they will be traveling to Ft. Collins, CO where they will take on avery good CSU team on April 21, 2000 at 10:00 am. Following the CSUmatch, the Cowgirls have only one more season match against UNLV onApril 25, 2000 at 2:00 pm before competing in the Mountain WestConference Tournament April 27-29, 2000 in Las Vegas, NV.


1. Melanie Roberts (UW) vs. Marlena Madciolek W 6-3, 6-32. Shirley Mendoza (UW) vs. Carrie Pretorius W 6-2, 6-13. Sofi Espinosa (UW) vs. Barbara Urbaniak W 6-3, 6-24. Angela Dossetor (UW) vs. Janou Meens W 6-0, 6-15. Paulina del Monte (UW) vs. Lindsay Patterson W 6-4, 6-06. Amanda Roberts (UW) vs. Elizabeth Middleton W 6-4, 6-4


1. M. Roberts/Mendoza (UW) vs. Madciolek/Pretorius W 8-52. McPhail/Espinosa (UW) vs. Meens/Middleton L 8-63. Dossetor/del Monte (UW) vs. Patterson/Urbaniak L 8-6