Cowgirl Tennis Falls To UNLV

April 25, 2000


The University of Wyoming Cowgirlsfell to UNLV today in Las Vegas, Nevada by a score of 7-2. The Cowgirls, now 8-11 onthe season, were looking to upset the Running Rebels to earn a higher seed inthis week's Mountain West Conference Tennis Championships. With the loss, the Cowgirlswill now be placed in the seventh spot and will be competing against #2seeded New Mexico. New Mexico finished up it's season with a 14-9overall record and a 4-1 conference record.

Today's match began with the first three Cowgirls losingtheir matches in two sets. However in No. 4 singles, senior ShirleyMendoza went into three sets with heropponent, but couldn't pull out the win. Angela Dossetor in No. 5singles and Paulina del Monte in No. 6 singles struggled as well withboth losing in two sets to their opponents.

"It was a tough day withsingles," said coach Pam Davis after the match. "The only one to gointo split sets was Shirley Mendoza. I thought she might pull usthrough with a win in singles, but we lost all six."

In doubles however, the Cowgirls would not lay down for the Rebels andwon two out of three matches to make the final score 7-2. The No. 2doubles team of Sarah Kay and Sofi Espinosa pulled out the first win ofthe day for the Cowgirls by defeating their opponents 8-3. Then in No. 3doubles the team of Dossetor and del Monte pulled out a very good winby defeating their opponents 8-1.

"We won two out of the three doubles,which I am very proud of since we have been struggling all year indoubles," said Davis. "Hopefully we will be able to take those goodspirits and confidence into Thursday's match against New Mexico."

The Rebels are now 12-9 on the season and are in fourth position goinginto this weeks championships.

The Cowgirls and Lobos will begin their match at 2:00 pm on April 27,2000. If the Cowgirls win the New Mexico match they will competeagainst the winner of the BYU vs. CSU match at 2:00 pm on April 28,2000. However if they lose they will play the loser of the BYU vs. CSUmatch at 10:00 am on April 28, 2000.

Singles1. Melanie Roberts (UW) vs. Katarina Malec L 6-2, 6-32. Sarah Kay (UW) vs. Veronica Goude L 6-1, 6-43. Sofi Espinosa (UW) vs. Marianne Bakken L 6-1, 6-14. Shirley Mendoza (UW) vs. Urska Radanovic L 6-2, 3-6, 6-15. Angela Dossetor (UW) vs. Britta Gabl L 6-1, 6-16. Paulina del Monte (UW) vs. Amy Hadziosmanovic L 6-1, 6-4

Doubles1. M. Roberts/Mendoza (UW) vs. Malec/Bakken L 8-42. Kay/Espinosa (UW) vs. Gabl/Hadziosmanovic W 8-33. Dossetor/del Monte vs. Moreno/Rogers W 8-1