Cowgirl Tennis Downed By CSU, 5-0

April 28, 2000


The University of Wyoming CowgirlTennis team had a disappointing day in the second round of the inauguralMWC tournament today. The Cowgirls, now 8-13 and 1-6 in the MWC, losttheir second match in the tournament against the sixth seeded ColoradoState Rams by a score of 5-0. The number five singles match was haltedat a score of 7-6, 4-1, because the Rams had already won the first fivesingles matches. They won the No.1,2,3,4 and 6 singles matches.

The Cowgirls will face the Utah Utes, now 7-12 and 3-5 in the MWC,tomorrow at 10:00 am PDT. CSU will play tomorrow at 2:00 pm PDT againstAir Force Academy who upset fifth seeded Utah today by a score of 5-2.

Today's match started with seniors Melanie Roberts and Sarah Kay bothfacing opponents they had competed against and defeated a week ago.Melanie Roberts had defeated Amanda Bartz in three sets on April 21,in Ft. Collins, however she couldn't pull out a set today. Verysimilarly, Sarah Kay competed against Heidi Auvinen, who was defeated byKay in three sets in Ft. Collins a week ago. Kay fell to Auvinen todayby a score of 6-4, 6-3. In No. 5 singles, Angela Dossetor had theclosest match scoring 7-6 in the first set and then was at 4-1 before thematch was halted.

"We didn't start out as well as we wanted to," saidcoach Pam Davis. "We just got too far behind and couldn't catch up.Colorado State adapted to the windy conditions well and we didn't, butwe have one more match left and we'll give it our best shot."

The Cowgirls will be playing for seventh place tomorrow against a verygood Utah team.

Singles1.  Melanie Roberts (UW) vs. Amanda Bartz   L  6-1, 6-32.  Sarah Kay (UW) vs. Heidi Auvinen    L  6-4, 6-33.  Sofi Espinosa (UW) vs. Sanja Hansson    L  6-2, 6-14.  Shirley Mendoza (UW) vs. Allison Lisle   L  6-4, 6-15.  Angela Dossetor (UW) vs. Bobbe Vasos  halted at 7-6, 4-16.  Amanda Roberts (UW) vs. Catherine Sullivan    L  6-3, 6-3