Student-Athlete of the Week

January 21, 2013

Athlete of the Week

Sasa Nemcova

You had a solid fall season both in singles and doubles play. What are your goals for the spring as a senior?

As a senior, my goal is to win the MW tournament and to go to the NCAA tournament at the end of the season. This is my, Simi's and Szandi's last chance and we are fully committed to these goals.

Who is the toughest opponent you have faced in your life? Is there a team or individual opponent you look forward to facing this spring?

It is always hard to play against your friends because there is always some extra rivalry that comes with it. I look forward to playing Long Beach State and Nebraska this year because I have two good friends on those teams and I really want to beat them :).

You've been in Laramie over four years now, but what was the biggest adjustment from Slovakia?

The biggest adjustment was to learn how to take care of myself without having my friends and parents around.

Teammate Simona Synkova is a fellow Slovakian. Do you get together to make native Slovakian dishes? Do you share European meals with other teammates hailing from England, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria? Or are there any other team bonding activities?

We did a pot luck last semester with the team and everybody enjoyed it. Other than that, I am very lazy and busy for some fancy cooking. My roommates Simi and Szandi like to cook new things or things from back home.

Did you grow up playing tennis with siblings Mark and Nina? What is your favorite childhood memory with them?

My sister played tennis but in high school she switched to track and field. My brother played soccer and never really learned how to play tennis :). My favorite childhood memories with them are summer holidays spent in Croatia with our family and friends.

What made you interested in the sport and when did you start playing?

My dad taught us to do different types of sports from an early age. When I was five I started to ski but then I switched to tennis when I was nine.

How has Coach Clower helped you develop your game, and what is first-year coach Ewa Szatkowska teaching you?

Coach Clower has a huge influence on my game. I improved in both singles and doubles. He is a great motivator and taught me a lot about tactics and fighting in college tennis. Coach Ewa just graduated and has the inside view from what it is to be a female NCAA division one tennis player. She is a great singles and doubles player. We are lucky to be able to hit with her and learn from her.

When your tennis career is over, do you hope to pursue a career with your international studies degree, or focus on the master's in finance you're currently studying?

I would like to focus on finishing the master's in finance and then pursue a career in this field as well.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be?

This is a very hard question. Right now I am enjoying being myself :).