Student-Athlete of the Week

February 25, 2013

Athlete of the Week

Simona Synkova

This week you have a home dual with Colorado. What do you know about your opponents for both singles and doubles play?

The coaches have done the scouting reports and we match up well. We are excited to show the PAC 12 what the Mountain West is made of.

During the fall season, you went 7-2 individually and had a good run with doubles partner Veronica Popovici as you continue to break Wyoming records. What are your goals to finish your senior season?

To break even more records, to have an even better ranking than the fall and we hope to make it to the NCAAs and go deep into the draw.

Fellow Slovakian Sasa Nemcova said you like to cook meals from your native country. What is your favorite meal to cook?

Actually I prefer to be the tester rather than the cooker, so I tend to dictate the cooking process, taste, and comment. And of course I then finish 50% of the meal for 4. I like to make crepes with Nutella spread and bananas for dessert. As a main meal I like to make schnitzel with my assistant/teammate Alexandra Kovacs.

When conference season begins, is there an opponent you look forward to playing against?

Fresno State just came to our conference and I am excited to play them both in singles and doubles. I am especially excited to play doubles because I am enjoying it a lot.

What have you liked about living in Laramie?

The people are very friendly and extremely supportive of the tennis team, so it's pretty exciting when we have home games. We know the crowd never lets us down. I do actually like the snow, but I don't like the cold weather. I guess the two come hand in hand though.

Did you play tennis with your sister, Nikola? When did you first start playing the sport?

I started to play tennis at the age of four and, yes, I played with my sister quite a bit as we both started together. However, I think I was the reason for her quitting as I beat her too many times.

Where do you hope to find work after you graduate with a degree in finance?

I like corporate finance, so I hope I will get hired by some company. I am planning to do an internship this summer. After that I will have a better idea of what I want to do in the future. I would definitely like to stay in the U.S.

What do you enjoy doing outside of schoolwork and tennis?

I like hanging out with my teammates and watching movies on my days off. I love to snowboard and online shopping is a must!

What is your favorite American food? Do you have a favorite movie or music you like to listen to?

I really like American food even though I don't have any particular meal that I like. I love Whole Foods because you can buy very healthy food. I wish we had one in Laramie.