North Of The Border To Wyoming

May 12, 2000


by Christine Wiley
UW Sports Information

During those long winter months in Wyoming, residents who enjoy the sport of tennis look longingly south, some all the way to Mexico. So why would someone from sunny Mexico want to come to Wyoming to play tennis?

"I wanted to go to a different place," says freshman, Paulina del Monte, shrugging, "and Wyoming is as different as you can get from Mexico."

Cowgirl teammate Sofi Espinosa, a sophomore, gives a similar response. "I wanted to see more of the United States," she says. "When coach (Pam) Davis came from East Tennessee State to Wyoming, I thought it would be a great opportunity to transfer here and experience the West."

Both del Monte and Espinosa agree that the best thing about Wyoming is the people. "Everyone here seems friendly and are willing to help at any time," says del Monte.

"It's been fun to get to know people here and to experience snow," adds Espinosa with a smile. "Although I'm really not too sure about snow yet."

While both Espinosa and del Monte say they miss their families and friends in Mexico, both also say that they're glad to an opportunity to compete at UW. Thus far it seems that they've become acclimated to the Wyoming climate. As of March 31, when UW was host of its first spring season match, Espinosa had reached a season record of 10-14 in singles matches, winning her last seven, while del Monte was 6-12 in singles and 9-13 in doubles.