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May 24, 2012

Laramie, Wyo. -

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A leader on and off the court during her time with the University of Wyoming women's tennis team, Patricia Chien has continued to be active with the Cowgirl program more than six years after graduating. A native of Anaheim, Calif., Chien was a four-year starter at No. 1 singles and doubles for UW from 2002-06, while also earning Academic All-Mountain West honors all four years of her collegiate career. Chien continued her involvement in the sport by working with the United States Tennis Association, before serving as a volunteer assistant coach for the Cowgirls during the spring of 2012. She lives in Denver, but made each of UW's competitions to help guide the team to a 14-9 mark this season.

Give us some background on your life and career after leaving UW.

Patricia: After leaving UW, I immediately got a job with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Intermountain. I was their Recreational Tennis Coordinator for five years and had a great time. I went back to school in 2009 and just graduated with my Masters in Business Administration, Sports and Entertainment Management from the University of Colorado Denver. This spring I helped with the UW tennis team and currently I am job hunting. I live in Denver with my boyfriend of two years and our two dogs, Izzy and Ellie.

You assisted with coaching the UW tennis team this spring, how did that opportunity present itself to you?

Patricia: I am friends with [former] head coach Kati Gyulai; we played on the same team together for one year, so I have been around the team and girls here and there. When coach Kati left I called up [current] head coach Dean Clower and basically just said I am here if you need me. Coach Dean thought about it for a couple of days and asked if I would come to the team's duals and tournaments and help.

Being from California, how did you end up at UW? How was the recruiting process for you?

Patricia: I ended up at UW after a recruiting trip that I thoroughly enjoyed. A player from my club back home in Sacramento was playing for UW, and she told me nothing but great things about UW. So I contacted the Coach at the time, Pam Wildt and I came out. It was awesome, she flew me into Laramie and we went to eat at the Vee Bar. The teammates that took care of me were so nice and I just clicked with everyone. I love country music and the rodeo, so I thought Wyoming would be a great adventure.

What are your fondest memories at UW, on and off the court?

Patricia: On the court, being with my teammates and going to awesome places like Hawaii and Florida. Off the court, hanging out with friends and going dancing at the Cowboy.

For many years you were the starter at the number one position, what factors attributed to your success?

Patricia: I would say hard work and having my teammates to push me. I always wanted to be better and to win for the team, plus I had a great support system. Fans in Laramie are amazing, and my professors were very understanding and supportive.

You earned Academic All-Mountain West several times throughout your career, how did you balance your time between tennis and school?

Patricia: It was tough at times, but I had great professors. It actually was easier to set time aside for studying because of our busy schedule. You know that you can't procrastinate for very long, because there is no other time to study.

What made you choose Textiles and Merchandising as your major?

Patricia: I really love clothes and fashion, so I just thought it would be something fun and different to do. Also everyone in my major was really nice. The professors generally cared about me and how I did on and off the court.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in life so far?

Patricia: Being able to finish my Master's while working full time.

Do you keep in contact with any of your teammates?

Patricia: Yes I do, mostly by Facebook. We always check in on each other now and then.

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