Athlete of the Week Archive

Sept. 7, 2007


Rachel Smith

What is your most memorable moment with the Cowgirls?
"That would have to be my freshman year we beat BYU at home, the most amazing game ever. Our coach was jumping, the fans were jumping and we were everywhere, so hopefully we can do that again this year."

What is your major?
"Elementary Education"

When did you start playing volleyball?
"It was actually kind of by accident in the seventh grade. My friends all tried out and so I tried out too. I was the only one that actually made it. I have played ever since then, but I really got into it during high school.

What are your plans after you graduate?
"Hopefully get married, start a family and teach."

Do you know where you would like to go?
"I will probably be in Arizona or California."

Besides Volleyball what other hobbies do you have?
"I love to do just about everything. Anything outdoors. I love to go hiking, camping fishing, all of that. I'm kind of an old woman. I like to cross stitch and knit, love to watch movies, just relax. Mostly laid back stuff."

Was it hard to adjust coming to Laramie from California?
"Yeah, it was hard because it is such a small town. It's great though because when you walk around you can wave to anybody and say hi to anybody. People are so nice. Back in California you just walk right by people. It is an adjustment going to a quiet town."

How about the weather?
"Oh yeah! The first time I drove on ice, I was freaking out. I had to ask all of my friends what to do,"

Have any of your fellow teammates made up any nick names for you?
"Yeah, Angie Hellbaum actually calls me Broccoli."

Why does she call you Broccoli?
"I don't really know, it just transformed to Broccoli from Carrot. Also, I am called Ray or Ray Ray. It just has to be quick names on the floor."

Do you have any pre-game rituals that you do?
"I like to just get in my element and get my mental game focused. I sit there and listen to music or eat. I love to eat, so a good meal before hand makes me really happy."

As a team do you have any rituals?
"The one thing that I can think of is that right before our match we get two breaks during our pre-game warm up. During the second one, we do a clapping thing and we say `UW' and then we run out. That's our big team thing."

What is your goal for the season?
"Win, Win, Win! Personally I just want to do the best that I can, go all out and have a really good season. As far as the team, it's great this year. Everyone gets along really well so I am just excited."

Do you find it hard to balance your volleyball schedule and your school schedule?
"Oh Yeah!! That is my struggle. It's hard, but this year I have really nice professors, they are very flexible and willing to work with me. If they are flexible, it is manageable so long as you work hard."