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Sept. 24, 2010


Athlete of the Week

Calli Miller

Why do you wear #11?
"I wear #11 because my older sister, Amanda, wore #11 in high school."

What makes volleyball different from other team sports?
"We are all really close on and off the court. It isn't just about you in volleyball, you have to rely on your teammates to do their jobs as well if you want to be successful."

If there was another sport you could play besides volleyball what would it be and why?
"I would play basketball because I have been playing every since I was little. When it came to playing in college, I loved basketball but I loved volleyball more!"

How long have you been playing volleyball?
"Ever since I was in 5th grade when I started playing at the YMCA."

What got you interested the sport?
"My older sister, Amanda, was really good and she used to make me pay her a quarter an hour for volleyball lessons outside our house."

What would fans be surprised to know about the UW Volleyball team?
"We eat... A LOT!!!!"

What do you miss most about your hometown Bullard, Texas?
"I really miss the lake we live on, and of course my family!"

What are some pre-game rituals you have?
"Me and Jodi start yelling "Are you ready?" and jumping up and down when we are warming up on the court, it's pretty funny."

Does the team have any interesting pre-game rituals?
"Our whole team usually dances in the locker room, sometimes we started rapping (or attempting to). haha"

Do you have Bieber Fever?
"No way, he's a good singer but a little too young."

What are you most looking forward to this season?
"I'm ready to shock some teams in the Mountain West when we beat them!"

What are some team goals for the rest of season?
"We don't want to lose any matches at home. We need to take advantage of playing in our gym in front of our fans, because there isn't another atmosphere like that in the Mountain West!"

What is your favorite aspect about playing at the UniWyo Sports Complex?
"Our AMAZING fans!! They get us so pumped up and excited!"

What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween?
"A Dallas Cowboys football player."

What team in the Mountain West Conference are you looking forward to beating this season?
"TCU!!!! Especially at TCU when all of my friends and family come watch!"