Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 3, 2008


Samantha Eley

What are three sites on the internet you have bookmarked and visit the most frequently?
"Facebook, my e-mail, and a lot of shopping websites."

Who is your favorite superhero?

What is the most recent book, outside of school, that you've read?
"Searching For God Knows What."

Do you bike or drive around town and to class? Why?
"I bike when it's warm because it's fast, but I take the bus mostly."

What is hanging on the walls in your bedroom?
"Music records, pictures of Paris and the Yankees."

What is your worst personal habit?
"Messing with my fingernails."

Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

What is your favorite work-out? Least favorite?
"Squats are my favorite, bench press is my least favorite."

If you could play one other sport at UW what would it be? Why?
"Tennis, because I've never played it and would like to learn--or golf, same reason."

Seems like there is a celebration that takes place after each point in volleyball. That's like 75 celebrations per match. Do you get tired of celebrating?
"Never! It keeps us excited, and gets the fans involved too."

What is one thing that you would add to the sport of volleyball to make things more interesting? IE: The other team gets to throw water balloons while you try to attack, the net shocks you if you touch it, you get extra points for hitting an opposing player on an attack, etc...
"I would want the whole court to be a trampoline!"