Athlete of the Week Archive

Oct. 5, 2007


Angie Hellbaum

What is your favorite part of a volleyball match?
"I would have to say the end of the match when it starts getting intense and the pressure starts to build. That is my favorite time."

What would you rather have to win a big match-- a block or a kill?
"A big kill for sure. Blocks are great too but a kill would have to top it off."

Is there a reason why you wear #10?
"Yeah actually there is. I have worn #10 since I was in junior high and did stuff like traveling team basketball. The group of Chugwater kids that went to Wheatland-all of them wore #10 like my dad and my uncles. It was like the Chugwater number for kids who went to Wheatland so I have always worn it because of that."

What type of music are you listening to right now in your I-Pod?
"Well I mainly have country. I have kind of phased out some R&B. I used to get all pumped up but now I am kind of more chill and relaxed. I feel like I am becoming an old woman because I am listening to slower music."

What was the last concert you saw?
"John (my fiancé) and I went to George Strait, Taylor Swift and Ronnie Milsap last spring in Denver."

If you could see anyone in concert who would you see?
"Right now I am a huge Carrie Underwood fan but I am kind of struggling with it because she is such a PETA activist and had that whole thing at Frontier Days. But since I really like her music if I could go for free and not support her financially by buying a ticket I would go."

What is your best memory of your time at Wyoming?
"I was at the Las Vegas Bowl and that was probably one of the sweetest things I have been a part of. Lat year's WNIT would be a close second."

What is your favorite nickname that Geoff Mack, the public address announcer, has given to you?
"I liked `Bat Out of Hellbaum' until this past weekend when he said `Angie What the Hellbaum'."

Who is going to win the World Series?
"I am hoping that the Rockies wild card will take them all the way. You have to pull for the Rockies. The tiebreaker game on Monday night was pretty amazing."

What do you put on your Subway sandwich?
"Their new pizzas are great so I have been on a big pizza kick lately. I put all of the peppers, jalapenos, pepperjack cheese and chicken on it and it is amazing."

Who is your favorite NFL player?
"Hmmmm. Let me think. Probably John. I am going to have to go with John Wendling of the Buffalo Bills."

What are your plans after the season?
"I am going to be catching the first flight after my last final to Buffalo, N.Y. I want to get out there so John doesn't have to spend Christmas alone. I have actually been looking for an internship out there so I am going to see what my options are once I get out there. I guess it will be time to start becoming and adult and time to be done with the college life."